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Meet 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Meet 3rd September 2022 Raj remove duppata from Meet’s says today I’ll make you were turban on which son is entitled after the father. Raj tie turban on her head and says you did all the responsibility of daughter in law and from now on you will do same thing as my son and if I die then you and Tej will be allowed to light me on fire not Meet Ahlawat and says to everyone listen this carefully because from now on my son is not Meet Ahlawat it’s Meet.

Meet says to Raj what are you saying, you know how much he care about you and respect you. Raj says if he really care about me then he wouldn’t have taken this step, he even can’t see that you are trying to make us stick together, a son’s duity is to saty together with family and he failed in that but you will handle this responsibilty and fulfill it.

Meet Ahlawat walks to Raj join his hand says whatever you say but relation can’t end because our relation is been made by god, I’m you son and shadow and shadow can’t leave, please don’t make me a stranger. Meet says to Raj he love and respect you a lot please don’t do it.

Raj says I would have agreed on anything but where my Meet is not involved I won’t agree on that, I don’t know why he removed you from his life but I know one thing whatever he is doing is wrong and I can’t see something wrong happening with you. Barfi says you are not able to take right decision in emotions, don’t forget this house will be of Meet Ahlawat until she repay everything and this is impossible.

Raj says you don’t know how capable she is, things which are impossible for everyone is easy for her and today I appoint her as chairperson of my company, from now on you will handle my company.

Barfi says you are doing wrong. Meet Ahlawat shouts you won’t say anything between me and Dad. Barfi says I’m talking for your benifit so please keep quiet. Raj says you have half knowledge Barfi, you don’t know I have 5 pharma companies, one is in US that Meet handle and 4 are in India and according to you they are in loss and from now on Meet will handle those companies and I’ll not take any help from my US company, that company is not mine anymore it will be of Meet Ahlawat and I’m here to support her for other 4 companies,

I won’t force anyone whoever feels my decision is right can stand beside me and who thinks I’m wrong can go other side. Meet says what are you saying please let me go don’t seperate things because of me, I cannot take this anymore. Raj says you are my son and you are saying to leave me,

I have faith in you that you will handle everything very well. Raj says to everyone you can choose your side. Neelu walk towards them. Barfi ask Isha to stand beside her. Isha walks toward Barfi. Popat stand beside Meet. Sunaina and Tej join Raj and Meet along with Ram and Ragini.

Barfi says to Ram and Ragini your daughter got married to my house so think and decide where you have to join. Ram and Ragini apologies to Raj and stand with Barfi. Babita ask Raj is this really happening I have to choose between my son and my husband. Raj says I know it’s difficult for you but time is critical and I also chose between my daughter in law and son and now it’s your turn.

Babita hugs Meet Ahlawat cry and says I wish this time shouldn’t have come, I thought we will forget everything and start living like son and mother but now that day won’t come, but I won’t forgive for what you did, I want to see you successful in life, I’ll pary for you, take care of yourself and she walks toward Raj. Meet Ahlawat remembers his good time with Raj and Meet. Tej and Meet take Raj’s blessings.

Meet Ahlawat in anger boxing with punching bag remembers what Raj said during separation.

Meet says to Raj, Meet Ahlawat must be thinking I’m the reason because of you two separated.

Raj says you are not the reason for separation you did as I asked you to do. Meet says he must be hurt today. Raj say’s I know and I’m also not happy with this decision, let’s not talk anymore about Meet Ahlawat, just get ready with all your energy to handle office and this house.

Neelu see Meet Ahlawat, she walks toward him but Meet Ahlawat stop her says she took my dad away for this I won’t forgive you ever Meet.

Meet in her room lost somewhere. Popat walks to Meet says I don’t understand I should be happy for you or be sad for your condition it was better you should have left and started your police job. Meet says if it’s in my luck I have to accept it and become Raj’s son.


Meet 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raj at office says to his Board of directors team from now own all the decisions of our company will be done under the leadership of our new CEO Meet Hooda. One of the member says I’m sorry but is she capable enough the handle CEOs responsibility.Meet Ahlawat give money to Meet says give back to investors because I cannot see this company going down


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