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Meet 4th October 2021 Meet and Meet Ahlawat pray, Manu’s note falls down, Anubha says I will make Bidai arrangements and takes plate which has Manu’s note.Kunal and Manu thank Panditji and pay him, Manu impressed seeing amount. Manu thinks wow he is so rich he gave such huge amount and no worries at all I am so right.

Kunal thinks God why did I pay pandit so much in excitement, but no worries I have a rich wife.Kunal says lets go take blessings from your family, Manu says I had same thought lets meet my in laws, Kunal says first your parents, this will reduce my guilt. Manu says first I should go to in laws.

Raj says we will reach chandigarh by 1, Masoom says Mom is waiting, poor Mom she thinks she will have a pretty daughter in law, Raj says don’t worry about that I will reach before you and try to convince her, Ragini says but will she. Meet Ahlawat walks to them, Ram asks where is Meet, Meet Ahlawat says I don’t know, Raj says what do you mean, you went together, Ragini says may be she is shy and awkward I will get her.

Anubha keeps plate near Amma and asks is she fine, Amma wakes up, Anubha says Meet saved our reputation and they will come to you, bless them and do Tika. Amma keeps the gold coin in plate and asks Anubha what is she doing, Anubha says something to give Meet, because Manu took away everything, Amma says give something frim these gifts given by guests. Anubha starts looking.

Kunal insists on going to her house because his Dad is very angry, let him calm down then. Manu says my family is more dangerous they might send you jail and also remember that short hair drivers daughter, she can do anything for my family and hit you bad, Kunal says lets go hotel then, and later meet our parents, Manu says good idea. Kunal thinks good soon I will be rich. Manu thinks some days more and then a luxurious life, I just wish everyone found the letter

Amma finds the letter and gives to Anubha, Anubha reads and says its from Manu and reads ahead, it says Meet my sister I know Dadi and Mummy hate me but I don’t care and I know you have fallen in love with my Groom. Amma in shock, Anubha says what nonsense is this, and reads I will take all the blame and wish you settle well, all will think I ran away but you will be happy because you can marry Meet now, and whatever may happen don’t be scared and marry him or else my sacrifice won’t go ruin, your loving Manushi.

Amma says how did I believe that negative Meet, she was born to give me pain, first my grandson and now my Manu’s life.
Meet tubelight and says to Ram Lakhan to fix fan capacitor and says take care of all expenses and get everyday vegetable, milk and Dadi’s flowers and these are Dadi’s medicine and give her everyday and refill in time or she will have BP issues, but anyways when I won’t be here she will have no issues

Amma breaks Meet’s photo and says today I will kill her. Anubha says Amma stop it, she is Alhawat’ daughter in law and because of us she went to marry not on her wish. Amma says she always wanted too, she played a big game, how did I not learn that, why did I trust her, how could I believe Manushi ran away, she said Manu hit her but she lied, my poor kind Manu ran because of her, I cursed Manu but she did all for her sister, Meet had bad intentions, she is Alhawat’s daughter in law, go and pushes Anubha.

Ragini walks to Meet, and says all done, and I always so a bride thinking about future with husband but first time I saw a bride thinking that there should not be any problem for her family after she goes, and Raj was right about you, God bless you, lets go now, your mother must be coming too.

Amma says to Anubha, Meet is dead for her, she hurt me, she will never be happy in her life, I curse her that she will never be happy, Anubha says stop it don’t do this, Amma says my poor Manushi.

Meet asks Anubha during Bidai, where is Amma, Anubha says she is unwell I told you, Meet says I will go give her medicine and come back and goes get medicine and says let me go give. Anubha says stop let her rest and we should do your Bidai now.

Amma in her room says God my Manushi, what should I do my poor girl, why did she fall for Meet’s plan, why didn’t she tell me. Meet knocks door and says I got your medicine open the door. Amma says I will die but not eat medicine given by you. Anubha walks to Meet and asks did I do something wrong why is she not opening the door, and how can I go without her blessings. Anubha says don’t worry I have given medicine and you meet her later now come.
Amma says Meet I curse you, you will never be happy.

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Meet 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave, their car breakdown, Meet fixes the car.Babita sees Meet and says get lost. Raj says Meet Alhawat married her.


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