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Meet 5th September 2022 Meet says to Popat there is nothing to think what happen If it’s in my luck I have to accept everything and become Raj’s son. Meet remove her mangalsutra and other jewellery along with sindoor. Meet says to Popat it’s been said you have seven life and now I’ll will be having my 8th life as Raj’s son, she throws water on mirror.

Meet Ahlawat outside his house getting ready to sit in car. Masum calls him, she walks to her ask how are you. Meet Ahlawat says how dare you come here back and I already told you I’m not your brother we are not related. Masum says I know I did wrong but you are my brother and you cannot change it,

I’ll try my best to make you happy but for that I need to be alive and for that I need to earn money, my production business is broke and I need job, please appoint me in your company, I already have work experience,

I swear I’ll work hard trust me. Meet Ahlawat says I have no place for you in company, in this house or in our heart and he go away. Barfi walks out says to Masum your brother won’t listen to you and you dream of working in office will be dream because now new daughter in law/son is also handling office.

Everyone in office welcome Raj and pray for him. Raj thanks them for welcome and says all the problems in our company will be left behind soon, I promise and we will be heading towards profitable path, our new decisions will be held under the leadership of new CEO. One of the man says this is right time when your son will handle your position. Raj says yes my son and calls Meet. Meet walk inside Raj’s office. Everyone in shock after seeing Meet.

Masum ask Barfi what do you mean. Barfi walks to Masum says your father Raj has separated his property in two parts, one for his son and other to Meet. Masum in shock says I fail to understand what kind of magic did Meet done on dad he always support her in every situation but I didn’t imagine he will go to this condition,

Masum thabks Barfi for supporting Meet Ahlawat. Barfi says don’t thanks me after all he is my son in law so I have to support him. Masum says to Barfi I have always admired you because you are always clear in your thoughts but don’t you think you did mistake this time, you want them to be separated but still you are allowing them to work under one roof. Barfi says what do you think I play without thinking,

I’ll send my daughter Neelu regularly to office. Masum says but your daughter won’t be in office all the time, now a days office romance is in trend and both of them have been together no matter how much they fight,

I’m worried they start loving eachother and no body will be there to stop them, you know your daughter is in weak position in this triangle I wish I could work there and help you in monitoring them but anyway I’ll leave and give Neelu best wishes from my side.

Raj introduce Meet as her son to everyone. One of the man says I’m sorry to say but do you believe she will handle the position of CEO. Raj says I have no doubt and I know she is best choice for this company and post. Meet says I won’t let anyone down and responsibilities don’t know who is handling them a male or female.

Barfi says to Masumif you get job in office will you keep and eye on them. Masum says yes and everyone knows I don’t like Meet from day one. Neelu see Masum and Barfi talking to eachother. Masum says I feel bad for Meet Ahlawat. Barfi says I’ll think and will call you. Masum says okay I’ll wait for the call.

Neelu says to Barfi why did you give fake promise to Masum for job, Meet Ahlawat won’t like this. Barfi says I know but I want to find out something so that he accept her, I have to save your marriage at any cost, whatever happened with you it’s best you stay married, don’t worry have faith in me I’ll do everything all right.

Raj introduce everyone to Meet. Ram welcome Meet in company. Raj ask her to sit in his chair. Meet Ahlawat looking at them from outside. Raj says to Meet I know you can handle every situation and do best for company I know you are the best candidate for this chair. Meet sit down.

Meet Ahlawat remembers his time when he refuses to sit on his dad’s chair because he was not in the position and says one day I’ll become capable enough to sit in this chair. Everyone applauds for Meet. Meet Ahlawat walk away after seeing them. Raj says Meet will brief you out about latest updates of our company, till then you all can have some refreshment and we will join you all later.

Raj and Meet walk out of office. Raj says to Meet why are you worried I’ll explain you everything then you can tell same to investors, it will be done. Meet says my hands are cold I don’t understand how I’ll do, do you believe I can do it. Raj says when I started my business I was also nervous, try to understand the businessman is just like a small baby, who wants to learn everything he falls but then get up and start running, I also did mistake many times,

I have fallen many times but still I got up and run now you can see me where am I standing. Meet says your know from start you will be businessman so you have faith you will do something. Raj says I know it’s new for you but for being successful you have to be hardworking and curiosity to learn and I have faith because you have both talent, consider it as your responsibility given by your father.

Ram on call with doctor, he walks to Raj says we have to leave for hospital for your checkup it’s urgent. Raj says I cannot leave now, I have stay with Meet, do one thing cancel appointment. Meet says no, go to hospital I’ll handle situation here, health is important, you have faith in me I’ll do it. Ram says to Raj checkup is important she is right. Ram give her blessings and they leave. Meet says to herself fasten your seatbelt you have to handle everything now.

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