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Meet 6th June 2022 Everyone sitting in pooja. Babita says paramji let’s start. Meet and Meet Ahlawat start the pooja, Shanty guide them alon the pooja. Param ji signals that Meet should go and perform rituals at all holy places in house like kitchen,

pooja ghar near plants and a place where you can find lot’s of water. Deep at main door, he walks in and greet guruji. Babita ask Deep to sit down. Paramji signal that his life would be part of this havan surely.

Deep walking, Shanty throw a piece of wood on his way, Deep steps on it and start bleeding. Param ji signal says having blood near pooja is bad omen for upcoming kid, it will be good if you ask him to leave. Meet says it’s small accident please let him be here. Paramji signal says if he stay here then this havan won’t happen.

Babita says don’t worry and ask Meet to keep quiet. Deep says to Meet no worries I’ll leave. Babita ask Sunaina to ask someone to clean. Meet and Meet Ahlawat go for the ritual. Paramji signal only lady will go alone.

Meet go to kitchen do tilak, then to pooja ghar, then she walk towards the trap. Shanty thinks after touching the water bucket you will be dead my enemy. Meet walking towards the trap, she about to touch bucket but light go.

Shanty thinks I think Meet touch the bucket that’s why there is power cut, she was unable to scream after getting 440w shock. Meet open the main door walks in and says I switched off main switch. Raj ask why? Meet tells everyone what she saw and tells I need to follow paramji and do the ritual.

Babita ask how is that possible, a wire on drum. Raj says to Babita you know she is experienced when it come to electricity, did you forget how she helped everytime. Babita says thank god we avoided accident. Ram says I’ll call electrician. Ragini and Meet Ahlawat ask are you alright? She says yes.

Meet Ahlawat ask how is that possible, a wire is connected to water drum, she would have died today and call every servant and scolds them. Tej says to Meet Ahlawat they will go and check and calm him down. Meet Ahlawat ask Meet are you alright. Meet says I’m all good and our kid too we should thank god for this.

Shanty shouting and scolding his friends says thank god I was prepared and know how to do pooja or else I would have get caught because of you threatens them with live wire. They apologies to them. Shanty says we have time till tomorrow morning to take revenge from Meet so understand well and you want to live so kill Meet till tomorrow morning. They say it will be done and leave. Shanty light a cigerette

Meet in garden walking, eating mango and talk to her kid about her father. Meet see a bud and says in oyr house no one smoke then from where did this bud came. Meet in corridor walking towards Guruji room says how is it possible to come from gurujis room, do they smoke.

Babita stop Meet and says I ask you to take rest but you find it pleasing to be careless right. Meet says I was walking in garden and says I saw this bud which came oyt from Guruji’s disciple. Babita in shock and says do you know what are you talking, for god sake don’t say to anyone, how can you think they can smoke. Meet says thats is what I’m trying to check, let’s go and check what is going on inside and she open the door.

Guruji meditating. Raj with electrician ask Meet and Babita what are you doing here. Babita ask what are you doing. Raj says I called electrician to check all the points because of today’s incident.

Babita see packet of cigerette in electrician pocket and signals Meet. Meet looks at him. Raj ask Meet is there any problem. They both walk away. Babita says to Meet you got the answer, paramji is meditating and I don’t want to disturb him. Paramji signal that he is facing trouble in meditating.

Babita says do you need anything to eat. Man says thanks for asking but we are fasting. Meet thinks Babita us right electrician must have thrown out cigarette bud. Shanty remember throwing bud outside, he hide behind window and ask his friend to call electrician in room and slip cigarettes packet in electrician pocket.

Meet Ahlawat in room bubble wrapping everything. Meet walks in and says you said you will be out to walk but you didn’t came and ask him why are you packing everything are you going to start interior work.

Meet Ahlawat ask her should I install bell where you sit so that whenever you ring anyone would come to help you and says right now I’ll wrap all the edges from bubble wrap and tomorrow I’ll ask carpenter to fine all the edges from the cupboard so that it may not harm you. Meet says sit don’t be in trouble so much. He get up and start wrapping again. Meet wrap herself in bubble wrap and says now you don’t have to worry. He says I was just trying to take care of you.

Meet says first sit, she remove her wrap and says listen to me carefully, first remove everything from this room and stop worrying about me it’s been 5 months since im pregnant and rest time sill also go away, this is important time you should creat good memories. Meet Ahlawat says do you think I’m not enjoying, I’m just being careful and it’s good to take care.

Meet says I’m also parent but not crazy like you. He says you are different from others. Meet says I know that I’m different but it doesn’t mean I don’t have motherhood. Meet Ahlawat says I didn’t mean that, you are actually right whatever I’m doing is more but I’m emotionally attached to our kid, you remember how I was when dad went to jail, whatever I’m doing is not on purpose, I’m like this, try to understand.

Babita with Shanty in room. Babita says my daughter in law in different from others she is more like a boy and I’m scared how she will be a good mother, so I just want you to give her blessings on how to be a mother till the time she have kid in her stomach once she deliver baby I’ll handle the baby the way I want and after that she can live however she like, but till that time please give her blessings. Shanty thinks she have my blessings and this time I did great arrengements to send her to god.

Meet says to him you trust me so I promise you, you won’t loose anyone special to you and hugs him.


Meet 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shanty give grain. His man says to Babita you daughter in law have to cook khichdi with these grains for next 11 days.Babita says to Meet you have to put it in cooker and let it cook for three whistle.Shanty says the whole Ahlawat family won’t be able to forget this whistle.Meet in kitchen scared of cooker. Babita hear the sound coming from kitchen, she gets scared walks in kitchen and see it’s all ruined. Ragini also walk in.


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