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Meet 6th October 2021 Babita says to Meet what are you doing go from here. Babita’s friend laugh at situation. Raj says to Babita, Meet Ahlawat is married to her. Babita in shock what are you saying and drops pooja thali, Babita saya this can’t happen, you all are joking right, if this is joke then stop it and says to Raj tell me truth where is my Manushi. Raj says that’s what I’m trying to tell you she is Manushi’s younger sister an our daughter in law, for now you should pooja and bring her in.

Babita says why should I do pooja she is not my daughter in law, I accepted Manushi as my daughter in law and says to Meet Ahlawat you went to bring Manushi so is she with you say something I’m asking, how did you accepted her as your wife tell me. Ragini says to Babita to please be quite and do the ritual.

Babita says you were there with them and how did this happen in your presence, how did you allow this marriage, will somebody tell me when this was happening, its a big issue and you all didn’t told me, in my presence this would not have been happen you all ruined my son’s life, everyone listen this girl is not my daughter in law, bringing her was not my decision I’ll not follow any ritual you all can do it, remove everything it was for Manushi nothing will happen and start crying. Raj goes and hugs her.Meet thinks she was not ready for me and because of Manushi’s bad decision she is hurt.

Raj takes Babita in his room and says you always have faith in me and I never did something which may harm us and that’s why I took this big step, beleive me everything was sudden I have to take this decision and my intention were not to tell you, you know when Meet Ahlawat was in mandap we get to know Manushi ran away what should I do tell, should have asked Meet Ahlawat and everyone to go back,

then I saw Meet and ask Guruji to see Meet kundali and learnt that first time they gave us Kundali was if Meet not Manushi then I realised your word what you said about kundali. Babita remembers what she said about the match making. Raj says and surprisingly there kundali matches, beleive me Meet is good girl. Babita says good girl if I knew earlier she is Manushi’s sister I would have said no to Manushi too,

Huddah family cheated us and she is not good girl, she is insolent, did you ever see her face. Raj says I know you are hurt you cannot judge by seeing her face trust me she is talented. Babita says I have seen her talent very well, I’m seeing your talent first time, why you did this never thought of asking me first, is this your love I loved you a lot and have trust in you but what you did, you know how much excited I was for our son’s wedding you could have called me once.

Raj says I believe I’m wrong but think your son is standing outside with her waiting atleast do your ritual. Babita says she is not my daughter in law it was your decision so I’ll not do anything and I don’t wanna talk to you my head is paining. Raj says then I should think that you are saying no to Guruji. Babita stops. Raj says Guruji said yes for this marriage he matched kundali and said she is perfect for our son and our home, if you ignore this it means you are ignoring Guruji.

Masum says I knew already mom will not accept this relation that’s why I was trying to understand Raj but he was not listing me, don’t know till when you will be standing here. Raj takes Masum name, Raj and Babita walks to bridge and groom. Ragini give thali to Babita and ask her to do pooja.

Babita says I cannot do that please you do it I’m standing here. Babita sees Meet Ahlawat face and thinks his face is telling he is hurt a lot and says to Ragini to do pooja of my son. Ragini perform ritual and ask Babita this ritual only mom can do so please give them blessing. Babita says blessings are given through heart and I’m in pain right now you did pooja they can come. Meet says I need your blessings without that I cannot come. Babita says then stand I’ll be happy if you don’t come inside.

Meet Ahlawat try to walks in. Ragini says no Meet Ahlawat you cannot go inside. Meet Ahlawat says do fast whatever you want to do because I’m feeling suffocating frok inside, Maa do fast. Raj asks Babita to move forward. Meet Ahlawat says please maa. Babita walks to them and perform ritual, Babita looks at Meet and says to Ragini ask someone to throw this pot somewhere far so that bad omen dosent stay near to my son.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat touches feet of Babita. Babita guve blessing to both and says I’m doing this so that my son dosent suffer anymore and put her hand down. Babita asks Ragini to perform other rituals and finish is quickly. Ragini says to Meet you have to make this kalash fall from your right leg so that this house have its blessings. Meet Ahlawat perform the ritual and gets in with Meet Ahlawat.


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