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Meet 7th September 2022 Meet Ahlawat says to Meet you have to return investors money and if you didn’t do it then dad’s reputation will be jeopardize, I have an offer for you. He walks to drawer behind Meet take money from it and give to Meet says take it and return to investors and keep your ego with you,

this drawer have 2 keys one with me and one with you, whenever you want to return take money and return them it will be between us. Meet drops key. Meet Ahlawat get down to pick-up.

Masum see them from outside she thinks they are kissing eachother. Masum says good now I have some spicy news to give Barfi. Meet Ahlawat pick keys, he gets call from lawyer says your hearing for divorce is tomorrow at 2 pm. Meet also gets call. Both of them says I’ll reach tomorrow 2 pm.

Meet Ahlawat in room. Neelu brings water for him says freshen up I’ll bring food for you. He says I don’t feel hungry. Neelu says have a little. He shouts at her says I’m not hungry go from here. Neelu walk out of room.

Meet waiting outside with plate says to Neelu Raj had food in this plate, serve him food in this he will eat. Neelu says but this is already dirty. Meet says this will be prashad for him. Neelu ask why are you helping me. Meet says I’m just trying to get back them together and she walks away.

Neelu take same plate for Meet Ahlawat and keep infront of him. Meet Ahlawat ask her is this dad’s plate. Neelu says yes and he start eating. Meet see him having dinner from out.
Meet Ahlawat says I cannot eat eith dad but it feels like he is feeding me, he gets happy and thanks her. Neelu thinks first time he talked to me soon I’ll make my place in his heart at any cost. Meet looking at him says I won’t let you and Raj get seprated.

Babita praying to God says please make things normal between everyone. Barfi walks to her says I have a good news today Meet Ahlawat had food given by my daughter, my Neelu was successful and Meet fall down on her face in office. Raj taunts Barfi says today was her first day in office everyone stumble when you take your first step I also stumble but I didn’t loose hope and she also won’t loose hope, I believe she will prove soon that my decision is not wrong.

Meet Ahlawat wakes up, he hear Raj calling his son. Meet Ahlawat get’s excited run to Raj. Meet Ahlawat says dad you called me. Meet walks to Raj ask did you called me. Babita say’s whenever he says Beta why do you think you are been called, Raj called Tej. Tej says I’m here.

Raj says when I was sick I prayed to god to make me healthy again for Babita now I’m all right so I think after 30days I have to go so will you help me and your mom to complete this journey. Tej says don’t worry ofcourse I’ll take you, I’ll register our three name for devi maa journey. Raj thanks her and they leave. Meet Ahlawat thinks for there successful journey and Tej will help them.

Barfi says to Meet today I feel pity for you, I have a suggestion, you already had a great loss at office so you should pray to god and go for office and taunts her. Meet says thanks for thinking about me. Barfi says in business you don’t many chance let’s see what will happen with Raj and you have to appear in court today. Meet says you don’t have to be my secratary I can handle myself you should look after your daughter and son in law.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet outside civil court. Meet walking towards court. Someone throw glass bottle infront of her. Few goons trap her. Meet ask what happen why are you in my way. He says you put me in jail when you were SI, today is time to take revenge. Meet says you got punish for your behaviour now let me go.

They stop her again. Meet Ahlawat slaps one of the goon says pick them up and run away. Goons run away. Meet says why did you act like hero for me I could have also done same. Meet Ahlawat says you can handle everything right, but remember one thing because of you were are facing this bad time and I was in hurry to finish this relation.

Barfi with Neelu in room. Barfi explain Neelu to act fast with Meet Ahlawat so that he gets close to her. Neelu says I’m trying my best but how can I forget he loves Meet. Barfi says you are worried because what Masum saw in office, she saw them from far it could b eye deception.

Neelu says it could be deception but heart won’t lie, whenever I see them together it feels like I came in between. Barfi says if you want to feel pity feel for yourself and all your past blur will be removed when Meet Ahlawat will accept you that’s why promise yourself today you will be of Meet Ahlawat totally because you don’t have any other way. Someone ring the door bell. Barfi says meet Ahlawat will be here go. Neelu leaves. Barfi pray to God for Neelu.

Meet, Meet Ahlawat and Hoshiyar standing in hall. Hoshiyar says today I got time to take my stuff away, if I would have come some other day I won’t be in shock so much, you don’t know how much hurt I’m after hearing you two are getting seprated.

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