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Meet 9th October 2021 Ragini goes to Meet and says come out fast, guests are waiting, Meet comes out with dress all messed up, Ragini laughs and says what have you done child, Meet says I didn’t understand anything, Ragini says you could call me, Meet says I thought why trouble you, Ragini says we are family and we share sorrow and happiness so that we can help eachother and I am like mother to you, you can share all things like you do with your mother come now.

Babita says I had pride on my daughter in law’s beauty and I made fun of others and today they will make fun of me, Meet Ahlawat walks in and says you won’t do anything of this kind, Babita says I had bragged a lot, Raj gets annoyed.

Ragini helps Meet get ready, Meet stumbles because of heel, Ragini helps her with advice to manage heels. Beautician walks in, Meet gets awkward seeing all the make up stuff and remembers Manu using all this and how she liked make up, Ragini asks Meet where is she lost, Meet says I am not found of make up, Ragini says come lets try. Meet asks not to use straightener, Ragini says just go ahead with make up.

Meet looks at set up and says all this just for make up, Beautician shows her, her clients pictures and starts with eyebrows, Meet says no ways I can’t do this, please understand Chachi I never have done make up, I can’t do all this just for beauty and I like the way I am sorry please understand. Ragini says okay and asks beautician to leave.

Babita says to Raj, a are going to insult me just because of you, Raj says they will insult you if you consider this marriage as a joke, and insult and for once try looking at Meet from my perspective and you will feel proud look at her inner beauty, and you feeling little in these clothes, these clothes are our culture and thinking of it as low is not right and Meet has done something Meet Ahlawat hasn’t, that is looking after her family alone.

Babita says she might be responsible and very good but for me she is the reason I was insulted by my friends they laughed at me, I lost a big bet and now I have to repay for it, you did what you had to, Meet Ahlawat says Mom give me 10 min I will manage everything and goes.

Sunaina greets all guests. Babita’s friends discuss about the marriage situation and make fun of Babita and wait for Babita’s pride break and see her dance and make fun of her.

Isha sees Meet Ahlawat tensed and walks to him and tells him what Babita’s friends say, Meet Ahlawat says Mom can’t handle this humiliation she will break, I will go and tell everyone that function is cancelled, Ram stops Meet Ahlawat and says it will be guests insult to ask them leave, Meet Ahlawat says I can’t see Mom being insulted, I can’t let ger friends laugh at her, this is a because of Meet.

Isha walks to Ragini and tries to tell her about situation, Ragini stops her, Isha looks at Meet and says why isn’t she ready yet, Ragini says she is, she is comfortable in this
Manu imagines her in laws giving her 1 Cr on Muh Dikhai because she is pretty, actually Manu playing with pillow in dreams thinking its money, Kunal wakes up says are you mad, Manu says I was dreaming and it was Muh Dikhai come lets go to your home, I will fall in their feet to convince them. Kunal says okay first lets have coffee.

Manu says okay. Kunal gets her coffee, and says you are right lets go to my house but Dad isn’t home, he is in Mumbai and servant told me on call, not to come now and let his anger calm, and to come when he is back from Mumbai till then lets go to your place. Manu says can’t happen, they will kill you. Kunal says forget all this, lets have breakfast. order what is your favourite. Manu says okay.

Masoom tells Babita about situation, and says today our reputation is going to ruin, and so I sent duggu to mall with Hoshiyar, Meet Ahlawat says Mom we will stop this, Babita says I can’t stop them all my life, I have given a word and will do as said, Masoom says but why will you be punised, tell your friends that the girls family is fraud, Raj says Anubha didn’t cheat us, they told us all the truth upfront, Babita says enough Raj, for him she is pride and now no one can stop me from this insult, Meet Ahlawat says Mom please wait give me little time.

Meet wearing jewellery, Meet asks Ragini how heavy is this, Ragini says forget a this you look pretty. Meet Ahlawat walks in and says you all go and I will get Meet down, Ragini says are you sure, Meet Ahlawat says yes I can’t deny the fact that she is my wife now, Ragini Isha leave. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet there will be no Muh Dikhai, and I have a solution for this, wear this dupatta abd cover your face, because your face is the problem, and my family is worried and facing problems and I hate it too and covers Meets face, Meet says I can’t breath in this, Meet Ahlawat says this is what I feel with you, suffocated, Meet saysI can’t do this, Meet Ahlawat says its for my families reputation.

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Meet 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Babita’s friends force Meet to remove dupatta and show her face and then make fun of Babita. Babita dances infront of everyone, and her pot breaks on a glass table and she faints, Meet saves her from falling on glass


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