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Meet 9th September 2022 Meet Ahlawat walks in his room, his room lights changes colour and set a romantic mood. Neelu enter his room all dressed up and start dancing with him. Meet Ahlawat thinks what happen to her. Meet seeing them from outside room. Barfi Devi also joinyMeet, she walk inside and slaps Neelu.

Neelu walk out of room. Barfi says to Meet Ahlawat are you seeing my daughter how broken she is, open your eyes and see how she is fighting from her lonelyness, above this your divorce is also postpone for few days, please give her all the rights she deserve and walks out of room.

Neely crying in her room. Barfi walks to her says are you out of your mind and what are you wearing. Neelu says you only told me it’s war and I’ll fight my way.

Meet ask Meet Ahlawat did you see what happen to her. Meet Ahlawat says yes I’m confused too and if you are here to talk about my wufe then go from here. Meet says I’m also not here to waste my time and leave.

Barfi says you fool use your mind along with you cute face and if you keep behaving like this the truth will come out and you will loose everything.

Meet and Raj in car. Raj says I’m fixing a meeting with Shrivastava he is our old employe very trustworthy and knowledgeable he will teach you everything thig about our products rate. Meet says after sometime you will be having kalash so stop thinking about me and think about your trip. Car’s tyre go flat. Raj adn Meet come out to check.

Raj says they are totally gone. Meet says someone has thrown nails on street it’s planned. Meet see a car coming she try to take lift. Car stops. Meet ask that guy for lift. Man start laughing. Meet ask why are you laughing. Few more men come and surround them.

Barfi having tea says till now Meet must be in trouble because of those boys…
Barfi remember hiring goons to stop Meet from getting kalash and provoke them to stop her…
Barfi says I’ll see how she will reach on time for Kalash.

Goons laughing at them. One of the man tease Meet. Other man says you won’t be able to get kalash. Other man tease and says you are girl you should stay at home and don’t try to become a man. Meet says right now I’m in rush or else I would have cleared out your difference between a boy and a girl.

Goons says you can try if you want because it’s all empty and my men have already closed this path for sometime so nobody will go from hsre and there are no network in this area. Raj slaps one of the man says enough, you parents must be proud of your behaviour, how pity you all are, he scolds them. Everyone leave.

Raj says to Meet let’s go back and check for hotel or something to call and ask for help. Meet says we don’t have much time we need to reach before 5 pm to get kalash. Meet start looking around to help themself.

Raj says to Meet let it go. Meet says give me sometime. She gather scarp from around and makes a cart for Raj so that she can pull him to location, she ask Raj to keep faith in her and sit on chair. Raj says okay and he sit on cart. Meet tie Raj from chair so that he donyfall. Meet start pushing kart.

Barfi switch on TV to see telicast of Kalash, she calls Babita, Ragini and everyone says come see live telicast from yatra office. Reports says today is last day to get kalash for the yatra. Everyone watching news.

Panditji tell only last name is left if Meet Hooda. He announces Meet and Raj’s name to get kalash, he says last 5 minutes are left to get kalash. One of the goons start I’ll talking about Meet and all the lady in general and ask them give someone else chance from waiting list.

Meet pushing kart.

Babita worried says why didn’t they reach till now to get kalash. Barfi Devi thinks how will they reach my boy’s must have stopped them.

Panditji announce name from waiting list. Sunaina says this mean Raj won’t be able to go on pilgrimage.

Meet stop and see one if the tyre is damaged of her cart.

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