Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11th October 2021 Esha says Pallavi’s phone was with me, phone must have exchanged at shop, Pallavi says I must have picked your phone in rush, Esha says even I didn’t pay attention until Raghav’s messages, Raghav thinks this means Esha sent those replies. Esha hands phone and leaves.

Pallavi thinking of Raghav’s words that he wanted to build romantic moment and so sent messages, and says Raghav Esha spoke on message, Raghav walks in, Pallavi says Raghav what was Esha saying, Raghav says I sent you messages but Esha thought I sent those to her, Pallavi says she read your messages and let me see what messages she replied and opens phone and says she deleted all the messages and why didn’t she call and inform about things. Raghav says enough Pallavi have my phone read all messages,

Pallavi reads Raghav’s messages and says you said I love you, Raghav says can’t I, Pallavi says what did Esha reply, Raghav says how does that matter, Pallavi says your ex replied so it matters, Raghav says it was past, and enough of pulling this topic, Pallavi says I just wanted to clear some doubts but no one can have mature conversation with you, Raghav says don’t talk then, and I am going out of Hyderabad for a meeting and if someone wants to fight I won’t come back. Pallavi says as you wish don’t come.

Esha in car, her car hits a scooty, its Amruta, Esha scolds her driver and goes help Amruta, crowd starts blaming Esha, Amruta asks them to leave and supports Esha, crowd leaves,Esha thanks Amruta and says let me fix your scooty, Amruta says okay. while helping Amruta pick her stuff, she sees Dasari group paper and asks why, Amruta says I am here for interview, Esha says for internship, Amruta says yes, Esha says I have cancelled all my meetings today, you come on Monday and we will discuss your salary, Amruta says but interview, Esha says I need someone with good communication skills and so you are hired.

Pallavi rushes down and doesn’t see Raghav anywhere, she asks Rajan where is Raghav, Rajan says he doesn’t know. Keerti asks Pallavi why is she worried, Pallavi says I had a little fight last night with Raghav and we both slept angry and now I don’t see him anywhere, Keerti says he must have left for office and you know his anger, you patch up when he gets back, don’t worry bye. Pallavi thinks of planning something surpise for Raghav, she sees Farhad and asks where is Raghav, Farhad says he left for Warangal he preponed the plan because he shouldn’t be late. Pallavi says he left without talking to me and calls Pallavi.

Raghav in his car angry, picks call, but due to network error both unable to talk, Pallavi says you didn’t eat anything and left without talking too, and when will you back. Raghav says I will eat something don’t worry and I am sorry, call disconnects, Raghav sees factory labour’s at strike and attacking, he asks driver to take car back quickly.
Farhad rushes to Pallavi and tells him about Warangal situation, and situation is worst there, and phone and wifi network are suspended.

Raghav tries to get room, finds none, Raghav pays extra money and takes room already booked by guest who hasn’t arrived yet, Raghav thinks about Pallavi that she must be so worried. Pallavi and Farhad trying to get some information about Raghav but no help, Farhad says he didn’t even had hotel booked. Pallavi thinks of asking police for help and calls police station and asks for help, Laxmi says you asking for help for a man who didn’t want to help me, why should I, Pallavi says because that is your duty, Laxmi says sorry

Raghav goes to get water, he sees Esha asking for her room back, Esha sees Raghav and says I don’t want to stay here I am going and leaves. Raghav asks reception to send him water and goes to his room. Raghav restless in his room and thinks about Esha, how she must be surviving in this situation and goes out, he asks reception where did the lady go. Receptionist says I don’t know. Raghav goes out sees Esha standing alone in cold, a car pulls her in and leaves. Raghav sees that and follows the car to help Esha, Caf stops at police Naka,and finds no way to go one side police and other Raghav, Raghav goes get Esha, Esha faints. A man walks out of car and asks who are you.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav hits the man, Esha says stop he is my husband Summit, Summit says that so you returned to your ex after giving me divorce.Pallavi worried for Raghav, Keerti says don’t worry I will come with you, Sunny chilling, Pallavi says you are pregnant you won’t go anywhere, Keerti says go with Sunny Esha in tears says to Raghav,I can’t live like this, I really thought that I love you message was for me and hugs Raghav.


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