Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th July 2021 Kirti goes runing to Raghav and says please save me I don’t want to go jail, Pallavi fooled me and made me confess I was one who did that accident and has the confession recorded in pen camera, please save me. Raghav hugs her and says nothing will happen to you.

Pallavi thanks Farhad for helping her and apologize for shouting at him, Farhad says its okay but Raghav he won’t let Kirti get arrested, Pallavi says Kirti will be punished.

Milind angry at Vijay’s behaviour, Amruta walks to him and asks him to have something, Milind says I am not hungry, Amruta says we all know Vijay Kaka’s anger, and so he slapped you, so forget it, Sulochana walks in and says shut up Amruta and Milind how long will you get insulted, you have always treated his family and our family equally but look at him, Amruta says Mom enough this is not the right time to talk, Sulochana says you shut up, and Milind this is why I want property for us, Milind says because of this behaviour even Mandar was away from him, but he didn’t learn but I won’t let this happen and I will let him repay for this. Sulochana thinks finally now my mission is successful.

Pallavi tells Krishna about Kirti, Krishna says I will come with you to police station, Pallavi hides the camera hearing Raghav’s voice, Pallavi sees Raghav walk in drunk, Raghav says I am sorry for everything in past and future, Pallavi asks what do you mean, Raghav says nothing and goes to bed.
Pallavi says I can understand your pain, Kirti is lucky to have a brother like you and I am sorry, I am helpless too.
Pallavi looks at the recording camera and hides it back and goes to sleep.

Next morning Jaya sees Pallavi with Police and asks her what is it, Pallavi says for Mandar’s murderer, Jaya asks who is it, Raghav walks in and says Mandar’s case is closed long back it was an accident case, Pallavi says that was old confession now I have proofs about who was driving and it was Kirti Rao, she committed the accident, Kirti looks at Raghav in tears. Jaya confused, Pallavi says I know it is hard to accept but she did it, and she was here in Hyderabad and I have the confession recorded, Jaya looks at Kirti, Police ask Pallavi for confession.

Pallavi hands them pen camera and realises its not the camera but a normal pen, Pallavi starts looking in her bag, Pallavi realises Raghav apologized her last night. ( Raghav sees Pallavi hiding pen under the pillow and replaces it)
Raghav says inspector sorry this is family matter I will handle it.
Jaya says to Pallavi how can you do it, you are blaming my daughter of a murder I will never forgive you.
Kirti leaves with Jaya

Pallavi in tears looks at Raghav and says you changed it right, Raghav says yes, Raghav says I learned family values from you, and I have my sister and mother after long and if you want to punish someone here I am, Pallavi says you learnt family values but not the fact if standing with truth, you were right so I went against my family and stood with you, but you are mad in your sisters love, Raghav says I am just trying to save my sister, Pallavi says am I not your family and do I not matter to you, I had so many wishes from my marriage so many dreams but your sister snatched away everything from me, I was in so much pain, and over that people’s taunt, and today when I have my answers you want me to ignore them.
Raghav says Pallavi I am saving someone’s future and you past and remember when you saved Amruta then why am I villian and look at Kirti she has gone mad she ia just lying and if you want to proceed this way sorry I will choose my sister.

Kirti says to Jaya what’s wrong with Pallavi choosing ex-husband and not us, Jaya thinking about Pallavi’s words and asks Kirti are you really innocent, Kirti panics and says I didn’t, Jaya calls Raghav inside and asks Kirti to get water, Kirti leaves, Jaya says Raghav, help Pallavi, Kirti hears Jaya say that, Kirti leaves.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi says to Kirti, you should die in shame, Kirti says I don’t because my brother will keep saving me, Sunny walks in and says why are you so jealous, Pallavi finds it fishy.Pallavi in jail with Raghav asks him what exactly happened, Raghav says it was raining very heavily and I saw Kirti in that car who hit Mandar.


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