Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 1st July 2021 Raghav makes a call. Milind walks to Vijay and says here is 2000₹ rent for this month, Vijay asks only 2000₹, Milind says yes, rent is 11000 and cutting all bills like landline, gas, water, electricity, maintenance and cable here is remaining amount, and it is actually 1900 but you keep the 100 so it’s clear. Milind gets call from Raghav, Milind says I can do anything for you Raghav because you are my family, Vijay leaves.

Sunny has Pallavi at door, Sunny says oh look who is here to spoil my work, Pallavi says the day you met me your life has started spoiling and its side effects were so strong Kirti didn’t even eat the Pasta, Sunny says don’t you have work, do a thing leave everything and start detective business, Pallavi says I don’t care about the world but some people are behind my family and I protect my family, and what did you add in Pasta, Sunny says I will not give any explanation, Pallavi says I know you were doing this to pre pond engagement, Sunny says she is my girl friend will do anything why are you jealous may be because you miss something, but why will you miss because you never got one, your first husband died and Raghav doesn’t allow you near may be, Pallavi says I wonder how your parents are because they raised such a boy, and I am sure this in your genes, Sunny about to slap Pallavi, Pallavi stops him and says my heel will do more damage so shut up and now come what may I won’t let this wedding happen, Sunny says I am god for Kirti and she will choose me anytime, and let me see how you stop this do whatever you can.

Milind hands Raghav Mandar’s photo, Raghav says its for collage to give Pallavi, Milind says very good idea and leaves. Raghav looks at photo and is in shock, Raghav says he is the same man from 1st Dec and he is Pallavi’s ex husband. Raghav falls down and says this means I Mandar, Raghav panics.

Pallavi reaches Home,its stormy rainy night, Pallavi thinks about telling Kirti about Sunny, Archana tells Pallavi Kirti and Raghav arent home. Pallavi looks at weather and says I hope Raghav is fine.
Jaya playing old songs and enjoying rain through her window, Pallavi sees her and says she looks happy will talk later about Sunny, Jaya calls Pallavi inside , Pallavi says you like rains Amma, Jaya says I love rains and earlier me Raghav’s father, Raghav use to get in rains and we loved it, and we use to sit in varanda and eat pakoras and Pallavi says and tea, Jaya says whiskey, Pallavi says you said whiskey, Jaya says no, Pallavi and Jaya start laughing, Pallavi says you use to drink, Jaya says yes I use to with Raghav’s dad, have you tried, Pallavi says I once had wine with my friend Devayani in college, she was a close friend but I lost her in am accident before marriage, anyways Amma Raghav and Kirti arent home, you have some whiskey, Jaya says on one condition you will have red wine, lets enjoy like friends.
Pallavi gets pakoda wine and whiskey.

Raghav asks Madan to leave and tells him not to inform anyone where he is, Raghav near a warehouse, he walks towards the shutter, opens it and sees a car covered, Raghav walks towards the car anf closes the shutter.
Raghav removes the car cover.

Sunny on call with his mother says I don’t want to come, Kirti visits Sunny all wet, and says I forgot umbrella, Sunny says come in, Kirti hugs him says sorry, and says I wanted to have Pasta so I came, Sunny says go change, Kirti asks why are you so weird.

Raghav says when Mandar was married what was he doing on that road, Ved calls Raghav and says your life has made my life so entertaining I was bored in jail, so should I tell Pallavi the truth, Raghav says you will tell her, before that I am going to tell her the truth and remember Raghav isnt scared of threats or truth.

Raghav thinking how he will tell Pallavi what happened with Mandar.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav giving Pallavi back massage and says you give best massages
Sunny says to Pallavi, your husband has no reputation and might have so many secrets, Pallavi slaps him.
Pallavi says to Raghav your last night everything you said is recorded in this phone how could you do this to me.


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