Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd May 2021Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd May 2021Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd May 2021 Janak Amma calls Sharda to tell that she will take more time to come back, she has to go to her daughter’s for her delivery, Sharda says no worries take care, Janak says I have one more empty and hace appointed a tenant.

Sulochana asks Vijay why hasn’t he signed loan papers yet, Vijay about yo sign them, Sharda walks to them, Sulochana says this money will help you get a new shop and fulfill your dream that Pallavi broke, Vijay looks at Sharda, Sharda says don’t worry dont stop do whatever you want, how bad can happen I just trust God. Door bell rings, Sharda opens door to find its Raghav and he is new tenant, all gather at door, Raghav says may I come in and walks in, and says I know you are shocked to see me here, let me give you good news I am new tenant of Janak Amma Madam, and I will stay here all day and go home at night, here is rental agreement for proof, and one more makes video call to Janak Amma and says its so homely here, say hi to others, Janak says Sharda you will like him, he ia good guy bye.

Raghav says to Vijay, I know you don’t want me to stay here because we always fight but I am here for new start, Vijay leaves. Raghav says to Sharda, Pallavi misses you a lot, you know when she was ill she just spoke about you, Vijay calls Shrada in, Milind checks rent agreement, and then leaves, Raghav says Mansi misses you too. Raghav scared Sulochana says don’t worry I don’t hit women.
Raghav says soon you all will love me.

Pallavi gets ready and looks at Raghav’s picture and says hopes are false, Jaya walks in and says Pallavi stop looking at life from past view, don’t loose hope, you will surely win, here have this and leaves. Pallavi has a note in it come out of room, Pallavi says stupid Raghav and walks out and finds another note, reading these flowers will show you new path.

Vijay yells says why is Raghav here, and things Sharda did it, Sharda says I didn’t call him and stop being blind, Sulochana says this is Pallavi’s new act for Revenge, Sharda says enough Sulochana if Pallavi had to fight she will fight alone, Sulochana says Pallavi can do anything, Vijay says you are wrong Sharda, Sulochana says Sharda wake up its high time.

Pallavi follows flowers trail and finds a decorated table, Pallavi says Raghav has lost it I guess, Pallavi finds a note, Congratulations on new chapter of life, Pallavi finds a tab on table, Raghav says hi, and says this is your diary right, Pallavi says where did you find it and why did you read it, Raghav says human nature and also I found this your saree designs, Pallavi asks how are you finding my things, Raghav says in your drawer, Pallavi asks why are you in my house, Raghav says my family became yours so your became mine, and see I have surprise for you, look your Aai and Baba and turns camera to Sharda and Vijay, Pallavi gets emotional.

Raghav asks Pallavi why is she crying, Pallavi says thing’s will not change you will trouble them more by staying here, Raghav says get me food I am hungry, Pallavi says I am not your slave, Raghav says you are so stupid, if you don’t get me food how will you meet them Pallavi says you are right, and gets happy because she will see her family.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Milind supports Raghav, and tells him that all are moving back to old Deshmukh’s house.Raghav swimming Pallavi asks him what happened and slips and falls in pool, Raghav holds her.


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