Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 24th May 2021 Raghav sits with Vijay and Sharda and says my lunch will take time till then lets talk, Vijay says Milind and Sharda come to my room, I want to talk something important.

Sunny on call with client for money and gets angry.
Raghav cleaning his room, Milind says Raghav let me help you, Raghav says unbelievable you helping me, Milind says yes but just only when we are alone, in front of others even I hate you, I know you are here for a chance to fix everything, but its not easy, Raghav says I know I did big mistake but I want to fix it, Milind says very good, tell me if you want help I want Pallavi back here and important thing os Vijay Dada said, Vijay calls Milind, Milind says we have to go, Raghav sees everyone with their luggage, Raghav whispers Milind where are you going, Milind says he doesn’t want to stay with you so we are leaving bye.
Raghav says what will I tell Pallavi nie.

Pallavi walks in the house, Raghav says come in, Pallavi says hers your tiffin and don’t give me order, and where it s eveyone, Raghav says a went for work, Pallavi asks tell me the truth, Raghav says they went back, Pallavi I knew that, please dont do this again with me, Pallavi turns around and seea her whole family, Vijay walks away, Milind waves at her, Amruta drags him inside, Sharda looks at Pallavi, Pallavi says who wears such sarees, why are you wearing mismatch, Pallavi says it’s 13 days you haven’t said a word why not this time, scold me lets patch up, I am dying to hear your voice, you said you will be there for me, whenever I close my eyes I will see my Aai, I need you now or I will break down, Sharda leaves.
Pallavi in tears, Raghav thinks he has to struggle a lot, and thinks how did her family come back.

Vijay asks how did this happen, Milind says Pallavi looked after everything, Vijay locks the door and says Pallavi trying to hear us and find out if her plan is successful.

Sunny buys jewellery for Kirti, and says I will give this infront if her family.
Raghav having lunch, Raghav asks Pallavi why is there so much mellow drama in your house, Pallavi gives him look, Raghav cuts his finger and shouts, Pallavi says such a little cut, dont do drama, Pallavi says say please, Raghav says please help me I can’t watch blood.
Pallavi gets turmeric and says its a little cut and will be cured quickly and get vaccinated by evening and appoint personal nurse you keep stumbling, Raghav says didn’t I become your personal assistant when you had chicken pox, Pallavi says I am here just one month, Raghav says who will let you go, Pallavi applies him turmeric.

Sharda walks out sees them, Pallavi says if you don’t want to talk dont talk but what is it, Sharda says its our family matter, we will look after and leaves. Pallavi leaves too, Raghav says I won’t let you go Pallavi, I will get your smile back but first I have to find why Deshmukh’s are back.

Farhad tells your idea is good but, Raghav sees Amruta and says definitely your mother must have asked to keep an eye on us, Raghav sees Milind, Milind acts his money fell down, Raghav starts helping her, Amruta calls Sulochana and shows Milind, Sulochana asks what is it, Milind says I will act and show guess it, Raghav realises Milind is giving him clue, Milind starts acting and tells Raghav that because of Property of tax their house is sealed and they are back here, Raghav gets his answer.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th May 2021 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav swimming, Pallavi asks him what happened, Pallavi slips in pool, Raghav picks her up and gets her out.


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