Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 26th April 2021 Pallavi says to Sharda and Kirti, Raghav could say all that because I am a lady, I will return only when I will prove my character….Raghav gives a poor money, she denies saying I see guilt in your eyes…Milind tells Sharda that something happened to Vijay….

Sometime back…

Vijay says I will burn myself if Pallavi walks in again here and you two leave, Pallavi will never return, Sharda walks to Vijay and says you are threatening me of suicide, and asks God, why do these men control us with such acts, we are not abide by them we have our own identity, and this my Pallavi has taught me that I don’t need a man to tell me and wipes her sindoor and removes Mangalsutra, and says this was my pride and today my husband used this to control me, Sharda puts Mangalsutra in Vijay’s hand and says if a woman has to chose between husband and kids, she will chose kids, and Milind if he does something call Ambulance because now my daughter needs me, Sharda leaves with Nikhil.

Kirti leaving, Jaya asks where, Kirti says Krishna called, Vijay threw Pallavi out of house, I think its Raghav again, and we are all looking for her and I know where she might be.

Sharda, Kirti and Nikhil find Pallavi near shop, Pallavi hugs Sharda, Sharda says what are you doing here, Pallavi says I don’t know where to go, Sharda apologize to Pallavi says I should have stopped Vijay, Pallavi says I swear on you I didnt do anything, Sharda says I trust you, Nikhil says lets go home, Pallavi says not until I prove myself innocent, Sharda says come home we are a family, Pallavi says no, Pallavi sees Kirti, Kirti says its your friend not Raghav’s sister, Pallavi says Raghav could do all this because I am a woman, he thinks I am weak, everybody believes all wrong about a woman and why is this always, people will forget this but I have to prove myself, if I don’t fight for myself I can never look into my own eyes, Sharda says where will you stay, Kirti says me and Amma are with you, aunty Pallavi will stay with us, Sharda says I can’t stay without you, Pallavi says we have to do this, please go near Baba, I will stay with Kirti, Nikhil thanks Kirti and asks her to take care of Pallavi.

Nikhil and Sharda walk in, Milind says something happened to Vijay Dada, they see Vijay on ground and call doctor.
Pallavi wakes up scared, Pallavi sees call from Krishna, Pallavi rushes quickly.
Doctor tells Vijay had second heart attack and his blockage is removed but is critical, Pallavi says Raghav is responsible for this.

Raghav sees Farhad talking to an old lady, Raghav stops Farhad from sending her home and gives money, lady denies and says I see regret and not happiness in your eyes, I dont want beg, Raghav says dont give lecture, Lady says accept your mistake, you know you are wrong and leaves. Raghav yells at security for letting her in, Farhad says she was right, correct your mistake, Raghav says I already did yesterday and leaves.

Milind looks at Pallavi, Sharda rushes to her and hugs her and starts crying, Pallavi says Baba will be fine, Sulochana says such a drama, Milind says shut up, Sulochana says these two are responsible for his health, he had heart attack because of them, Milind says enough,and asks for adhar card, Sharda says it’s home, Pallavi says I will get it.

Mansi ignores Pallavi, Pallavi says talk to me don’t ignore me, Mansi says I trusted you, you are a liar, just leave, why should I talk to someone who ruined my life, go back to Raghav, you shared everything with me before, I should have understood, but I will not trust anyone else now, you ruined everything, I thought you are my sister but truth is you are my sister in law. Pallavi says I hear everything and everything did to me because I think you all are mine but you trust Raghav and not me, whats wrong with everyone here, looks like I was wrong that I trusted you all, I could have left after Mandar but I didnt and you says I was a mistake and if this is it, yes I broke your marriage and yes I ahve affair with Raghav, you were mine Mansi but you never understood me.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th April 2021 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jaya says to Raghav, me and Kirti will come to this house on one condition, Raghav says agreed, Jaya says marry Pallavi.


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