Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th August 2021 Mandar asks Swapnil what is he doing here, Mandar finds the microphone, and asks what is this, and stop starring, you are a servant here, lower your eyes, Prakash walks in and says Dada waa here to ask you for tea, Mandar asks what is this then, Prakash says its his hearing aid, Mandar says now he is deaf too, I know you people very well you fool innocent people, Prakash says you taking us wrong sir trust me we are doing no bad, and he just has one ear problem, Mandar says okay leave and never enter this room, Prakash says okay. Mandar says I ak bearing you just because my Pallavi has lot of work.

Sunny hands Kirti, Raghav and Pallavi’s divorce papers and says we have only two options, either kill one of them or separate them, and now its your take either choose me or your brother. Kirti says it’s cheating how do I cheat my own brother, its thier life how do I spoil it, Sunny says look Mandar has promised me our wedding, once Raghav gets divorce he will go mad and will be completely heart broken and Amma wouldn’t want her daughter too be same too and so will say yes to our wedding, Kirti says I can’t, Sunny says only you support honesty look at this your Amma and brother have made your wedding profile and you go, I will manage on my own, Kirti says Amma can’t do this to me, Sunny says go ask Amma and if she has done this, even you can get papers signed by Raghav.

Farhad tells Raghav to calm down, he is here to save Pallavi and anger won’t help, he has to control his anger, Rana says Raghav would kill Mandar if I wouldn’t intervene, Farhad takes micro phone from Rana and says you go in before someone comes looking for you, Farhad says to Raghav, not to worry and he will ask Amruta to set these microphones. Raghav says not needed, Raghav himself will do it. Mansi calls Swapnil, Raghav says Farhad don’t worry for me, worry for Mandar.

Mansi giving Swapnil list of what is to be cooked, Raghav sees Pallavi and thinks she is like a hot temperature to me, my anger melts seeing her, Sulochana sees Raghav, Raghav thinks she is looking very cute let me irritate her more and makes a heart sign, Sulochana thinks its for her and reverts back with gesture, Pallavi sees heart and gets angry at him, Raghav thinks perfect now she will look so cute irritated, Vijay asks who did Pallavi, Pallavi says this cook, Sulochana thinks mad girl, she thinks she is miss India that he will sign her, Swapnil was doing that to me and says Pallavi I am here looking at Swapnil and he didn’t do anything and poor thing cant talk and signs, Pallavi says but I saw, Sulochana says Pallavi enough, Pallavi picks her sarees and leave. Sulochana says add Modak in menu its my favourite and you cook with your hands.

Pallavi gets very angry says Mandar wasn’t enough, I have to bear this new servant and my careless husband god knows where he is, Amruta says clam down here you talk to Raghav, I will keep eye Mandar.
Rama says to Raghav, I can’t cook Amti, Raghav says don’t worry I am checking recipes online, Raghav gets call from Amruta, Raghav says why js Chipku Ladki calling me, and picks it, Pallavi starts shouting says where are you and there is another cheap fellow in the house, Pallavi hears kitchen noise and asks what are you doing in kitchen, Raghav says yes for water, Pallavi says I am killing Mandar or cook, yesterday Mandar asked me to burn your photo and I tricked and burn his photo but in all this I burnt my saree, you tell me or you coming or you are not and disconnect.
Rana asks what happened, Raghav says Pallavi is very angry, Rana says tell her truth why are you troubling her. Raghav says okay.

Kirti asks Jaya where is Raghav, Jaya says he is out for some project, Kirti says you two made my wedding profile, Jaya says I did, Kirti says how can you, Jaya says did I ask you before bringing you to this world and this is for your good, Kirti says like Raghav Pallavi even our love is true, Jaya says Pallavi got good out of Raghav and Sunny showed me that part ofy daughter which wasn’t there, and there are responses on your profile tell me if you want any, or else I will choose, Kirti says if I don’t marry Sunny I will kill myself, Jaya says if you don’t stop this Sunny thing, I will kill you. Jaya leaves, Kirti says I will break this pride of yours.

Pallavi gets out of bathroom, plating her saree, Mandar walks to her holds her hand, Pallavi says what are you doing, Mandar says I will help you, Pallavi says I am not comfortable with all this please don’t do it, Mandar forces her and starts plating her saree, Raghav drops hot water on his hand, Mandar gets angry, Rana says sorry he got this soup for Madam to taste, by mistake dropped on your hand, Mandar says I told you 100 times stay away from me and dont raise these eyes on me, Rana says Mandar sir come I will wash your hand and aid it too and takes him away.

Raghav angry and says how dare Mandar touch Pallavi, Raghav gets call from Kirti saying Amma is not doing well, Raghav goes Rao Mansion, Raghav sees Amma and asks whats wrong,you look fine, Kirti called me and said you are unwell, Jaya says she has started lying too, Kirti says I learnt from you, Raghav says I was in important work, Kirti says Amma made my wedding profile, Raghav says I know and next time keep Amma away from your lies, Kirti says you can do anything and I am wrong and listen you two can’t controly life and I will marry only Sunny, Raghav says enough of your nonsense what Amma and I say is final and leaves.
Kirti gets very angry and says all this is true, only Sunny cares about me and will do whatever he says.

Mansi gets angry at Rana says don’t you understand difference between Momo and Modak spoilt all mood, Mandar attacks Rana and says don’t you understand importance of Modak and where is your bods Swapnil.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav kisses Pallavi on her cheeks , Pallavi kisses him back.Kirti adds divorce papers in Raghav’s files.Raghav sees Mandar meet a guy on bike.Pallavi finding clues in Mandar’s room, Mandar sees her hiding


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