Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th April 2021 Raghav says to Pallavi, you will complaint my mother and you think I will come begging to you, here’s cheque encash it…

Sharda says to Jaya, today Nikhil loves Pallavi a lot but what when he gets married,..

Raghav shows Farhad ge gave Pallavi cheque of 5 lakhs…

Sometime back…

Pallavi sitting alone outside hospital, Raghav walks to her and think’s this is going to hurt you a lot, Pallavi looks at him and thinks now I am silent but soon I will be back. Raghav says Pallavi you are a cheap girl, I stole things so you ran to my mother and you think I will cry and beg to you, and I am bored of you, heres 5 lakhs cheque and encash it, for me its a little amount but a huge one and leaves.

Kirti on call with Nikhil asks where is Pallavi, no one knows where Pallavi is, Jaya says I am so worried for her, I hope Raghav didn’t pur her in new problem instead of apologizing.

Pallavi thinking of all the things happened with her, she looks at cheque and remembers Raghav saying leave the city, Pallavi gets call from Nikhil and she says I will come soon.

Nikhil shouts at Sulochana, Sulochana says I have no money for you, manage on your own and go get money from Raghav, Pallavi stops Nikhil from arguing with Sulochana and says thank you we don’t need your help and Aai bills are cleared and used Raghav’s money for it and why not, he is reason Baba is here, Sharda says you are right, Nikhil says to Sulochana now go home and sleep we don’t need you, and may be you won’t be able to sleep, Sulochana says stay in limits and leaves. Nikhil asks Pallavi to take Sharda home.

Pallavi drops Sharda at Janak Amma house, Pallavi does enter house and says I wont come inside until Baba calls me and you don’t worry, Sharda hugs her and says go home, Jaya and Kirti must be waiting. Pallavi hears door close and remembers her good times with her family.

Sharda says to Nikhil she is getting food in an hour, Kirti calls Sharda and says Pallavi didnt come home, Sharda opens door and sees Pallavi sleeping outside and says I knew this, and walks to Pallavi, and starts crying, Pallavi wakes up and starts crying, Sharda asks why didnt you go to Kirtis place, Pallavi says I couldn’t I want my family, and hugs Sharda. Jaya walks in says you wont find peace but will find comfort, I will promise you will not feel alone there you are like Kirti to me, I was so worried for you, Pallavi says I am sorry, Jaya says don’t worry and asks Kirti to take Pallavi home.

Sharda says to Jaya , I am worried Nikhil loves Pallavi hut tomorrow when he will get married will his wife accept Pallavi too.

Raghav in his new house, puts Jaya and Kirti’s photo on wall, and says to Farhad that I wish they were here, Raghav shares his memory with Farhad and says I am so happy, I have my house back and gave Pallavi 5 lakh, and she will leave city, everything is saleable here, and now finally she will leave this city, I am so much at peace,, Raghav makes a drink and says I felt so bad, I thought Pallavi was different but no she is same, just for money, anyways call interior designer to work at Deshmukh’s Saree renovation. Farhad gets call informing Pallavi is with Kirti, Raghav says such shameless girl and breaks glass.

Jaya asks Sharda widow, I thought Pallavi is your daughter, Sharda says she is my son’s daughter and poor girl fights alone, so I keep worrying, she has her family but this society, my Pallavi is smart and strong but past few days has made me very worried for her, till now Sulochana use to trouble Pallavi now Vijay has joined her, Jaya says this can repeat, Sharda says this is why I want Pallavi to settle, Jaya says I understand even she must have wishes, Sharda says how do I make her understand, she never lived with Mandar, on first night of their marriage Mandar died, I want Pallavi a good husband, Jaya says I understand your pain.

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