Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th August 2021Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th August 2021Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th August 2021 Mandar asks where is swapnil, Raghav walks in with modak, Prakash says here are modak, Swapnil had made momo out of remaining dough and I didn’t know that, sorry, Vijay says Prakash it happens, Raghav stares at Mandar, Vijay eats Modak and says very tasty, Mandar about to have one, Raghav walks to Pallavi, Pallavi has a bite, Sulochana says give me one too, Raghav walks to Prakash and asks him to give everyone modak, Prakash says Swapnil dada I will distribute you go prepare for evening snacks.

Kirti very angry calls Sunny, and says I will get papers signed, they can cheat me why can’t I, Sunny says good, do it as soon as possible, Kirti says Raghav is busy these days, will get it by tomorrow.

Raghav on call with client, says I will send you representatives and will visit next month, Raghav turns around and sees Pallavi, Pallavi wraps her veil around her west, picks a stick and hits Raghav, Raghav says sorry someone will come, Pallavi says no one will, here I am dying thinking about when you will come and save me from Mandar and you want to play games, Pallavi throws stick and sits down, Raghav says hit me so bad. Raghav says sorry, Pallavi says I was mad, I had recognised you the day you hold my hand byt I thought no this can’t be Raghav, he wouldn’t do anything without informing me, you want to play momo and modak and were you waiting for me to die, Raghav says enough Pallavi and hugs her, Raghav says enough of this and next time you talk about dying I will murder you. Pallavi says I am tired Raghav, I am breaking.

Raghav says I am really sorry Pallavi, I didn’t realise how far I went in this, but please don’t cry, I will get broom and hit me more but dont cry, Pallavi says jokes are good but not in such situations, Raghav says sorry, Pallavi asks what are we going to do, Raghav tells about Micro phones and asks how is Aai doing, Pallavi says not much but she hold my veil other day, Raghav says of she can write we can take her statement.

Next day Raghav calls Pallavi outside in urgency to hear Mandar’s voice note which says your demands are increasing day by day, lets meet on our old place, Pallavi asks whose demands Mandar is fulfilling, Raghav says I don’t know, I will go follow him, we want proofs, Pallavi says I will check all his drawers and cupboard, Raghav says okay.

Kirti says Sunny I am not liking this, Sunny says Kirti I want happiness in our life and I have problem with Pallavi and not Raghav and Amma, and when Pallavi will be out of picture we will be fine, Kirti says don’t worry I will get it signed and hugs him.

Raghav follows Swapnil, Mandar feels like someone is following him turns around, but Raghav hides.
Mandar meets a man on bike and gives him envelope, the man on bike leaves, Mandar leaves for home, Raghav rushes home to inform Pallavi that Mandar is coming soon.

Pallavi starts looking for clues in Mandar’s room and finds lot of bills from mobile store, she hears footsteps and hides, Mandar walks in, and he sees Pallavi hiding from his mirror, Raghav walks in with dhop, Mandar starts coughing, Pallavi rushes out and then walks in and says Mandar I asked him to do this there are lot of mosquito you see, Mandar says I am allergic take it away, Pallavi says Swapnil take it away, Pallavi says Mandar you were out and so I did this, now freshen up or it will hurt more, Mandar leaves. Pallavi and Raghav give eachother high five.

Farhad tells Jaya, Raghav is coming and these files need to be signed on urgency but Farhad has to leave to take his father to dentist, Jaya says don’t worry I will manage you go, Jaya keeps file in study and leaves.
Kirti hears that and sees the file.

Raghav describes biker to Pallavi, Pallavi shows bills of expensive jacket, shoes and mobile, Raghav gets office call, Pallavi says you go, I will manage here with Rama, Raghav kisses her, Pallavi says I love you, now go.
Sulochana practicing sign language, Vijay asks what are you doing, Sulochana says learning sign language to talk to Swapnil, Vijay leaves, Amruta says this is why you wanted internet, Sulochana says don’t interfere in my life

Jaya asks Raghav how is he and Pallavi, Raghav says slowly progressing, Jaya says I miss you two, Raghav says we will be back soon, now let me sign papers quickly and leave.
Raghav in his study, checking papers to sign, Kirti hiding and watching and says I hope he doesn’t find it, Raghav signs all the papers to save time, Kirti smiles.
Raghav leaves signing all papers, Kirti walks in and sees Raghav has signed divorce papers and says sorry I didn’t want to do it but you people forced me to.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav says to Jaya I will kill Mandar to save Pallavi.Pallavi says to Amruta I will burn my hands, then I can’t sign any papers.In a pooja, Mandar says Pallavi divorce papers are here, sign it and after pooja we will get engaged.


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