Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd July 2021 Jaya and Pallavi drinking, both drunk, Jaya says if Kirti does wrong to you, you come to me I will give you best idea, Pallavi says its not Kirti its Sunny, Jaya says he is complete show off boy and Kirti mad girl and this Sunny doesn’t love her, he loves Raghav’s sister, and if Kirti wants to do it let her fall and learn, Pallavi says very correct, Pallavi’s favourite song plays, Jaya says let me share a secret, Raghav’s Appa said I look like Madhuri Dixit from side, Pallavi says very pretty true, Jaya starts crying and says I miss him a lot, Pallavi says Amma I am here do not cry lets dance, both start dancing.

Sunny says to Kirti that Pallavi keeps blaming me now she thinks I added something in it, I just added wine, and she keeps troubling me, such a mess, and I don’t care about her, but just worry that Amma and Raghav don’t go against us, it won’t hurt me but you.

Amruta makes pakora for Milind, Milind asks where is chatni, Sharda brings chatni and says I saw her make pakoda so I made chatni, Milind says thank you for understanding me, you stood by me, our family is shuttered, Sharda says not our relations Milind, Amruta says allow me in your team, Sharda says keep making pakoda and you will be in oyr team. Milind says when will Vijay dada understand Pallavi’s importance.

Raghav gets home drunk and sees whole house shattered and rushes to check Amma and Pallavi, and hears music in Amma’s room and sees Jaya standing in window and dancing drunk, Raghav says Amma you are drunk, Amma says even you are drunk I can smell it, Raghav says okay now go rest, Raghav rests her on bed.
Raghav starts looking for Pallavi, Naidu shoes Raghav Pallavi sitting in window upstairs, Raghav says did this two did this mess, Naidu says yes. Raghav says Pallavi please come down, Pallavi says no, Raghav says Pallavi there are lizards, Pallavi says okay I am coming, catch me and jumps on Raghav.

Raghav picks her up, Pallavi says you are so nice, I am impressed you are sweet Rao now, Raghav says let’s go to our room and talk, Raghav picks Pallavi and takes her to room, Raghav puts Pallavi on bed.

Sunny says don’t talk to Pallavi, Kirti says I hate it, Raghav and Pallavi keep involving in our decisions, its my life, Sunny says why didn’t you talk when our engagement got postponed, Kirti says not anymore and leaves.
Sunny says now Kirti will do everything.

Pallavi falls asleep holding Raghav’s hand, Raghav looks at her and thinks of 1st Dec, Raghav remember Pallavi’s promise that she is always with him, Raghav says Pallavi we first met on 18th February but connected long back, I guess I am here to just trouble you, how should I talk to you, when you were leaving for Kolhapur I said I will give you everything I snatched from you but I didnt know the value of actual thing I took away from you, I dont know what and how to say, Pallavi you promised me you will never leave me and be with me so please try understand me and don’t leave me I need yly Pallavi, Raghav falls asleep beside her and everything he said gets recorded in her phone by mistake.

Pallavi and Jaya next morning in hangover, both say we don’t remember what happened after we danced, Raghav walks to them says I know, Amma you were dancing in front of window and Pallavi you were sitting in ventilation window, Pallavi asks how did I get down, Raghav says you jumped on me, and whoes idea was it, Both point at eachother and then Jaya tells the truth why they started drinking and both apologise, Raghav says why sorry, next time I will make peg for you, and now have nimbu pani.
Raghav sees bond between Amma and Pallavi and thinks I hope the bond isn’t spoiled after the truth.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi tickles Raghav and falls over him.Pallavi finds recording and says Raghav how could you do this to me Raghav.


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