Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd July 2021Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd July 2021Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd July 2021 Naidu looking for Pallavi’s phone.
Sunny with Ved, Ved asks Sunny why can’t he focus on work, did Kirti’s sister in law do something again, Sunny says don’t talk about her she is a pain, Ved says I have an idea just go tell her, her husband is hiding something, this will focus on her marriage and you will be free.

Raghav giving Pallavi back massage, Raghav smiles seeing her enjoy it, Pallavi says you give good massage, Raghav says it’s experience, Pallavi says how many girls have you massaged, Raghav says girls use to give me massage, Pallavi gets angry and asks how many and who, Raghav says just once, when me and Farhad went out of country once and so we tried, Pallavi says why hide then anyways continue massage, Raghav says Pallavi if someone tells something about me, Pallavi says are you talking about Ved, Raghav asks how do you know, Pallavi says I forced Farhad to tell truth, Ved calls Raghav and says so did you tell my sister in law, you just act macho you aren’t, Raghav disconnect call and says Pallavi its urgent and leaves.
Pallavi is informed her room is getting cleaned, and she is can’t go there.

Raghav calls Ved from his car, Ved says look behind I am following you, Ved makes Raghav follow him to a place.

Pallavi reaches shop, Krishna says Nikhil is looking at shop very well, Sunny walks in, Krishna asks who the hell are you, and starts arguing with Sunny, Pallavi says Krishna don’t entertain barking dogs and asks Sunny why is he here, Sunny says before arguing with me, why don’t you go check on Raghav, must have so many hidden lies, Pallavi slaps him, Krishna claps, Sunny says you didn’t do good, Pallavi says I should have done this long time, and I trust him more than I trust myself so get lost because you dont understand,and as I can see you are useless so go find someone else, Sunny says I will make you bed under my feet, and leaves.
Krishna asks who is this, Pallavi tells her about Sunny.

Raghav walks to Ved and pulls him out of car and asks what you want, Ved says just trying to make you remember that night when we were racing and then Mandar came in between and look what happened blood all over, Raghav says Ved stay away from Pallavi, Ved says you spoilt Pallavi’s life, and she should know about it, and you are no don, you are very coward, Raghav hits Ved, Ved just keeps smiling. Raghav makes Ved unconscious by hitting him. Raghav says I am not coward and leaves.

Sulochana tells Mansi look at your Baba and Kaka I am enjoying it, Mansi says but Sharda and Baba are still together and Amruta is with them, Sulochana says don’t worry about Amruta I will handle her, Mansi says but this wont worl unless Baba and Sharda Kaki stop talking, Sulochana says just wait for my game, my work but face will be of Raghav and Pallavi.

Jaya tells Pallavi she will visit her friend, Pallavi says okay. Staff gives Pallavi her phone and she goes charge it.
Pallavi finds a recording, Raghav walks to Pallavi deciding that he will tell the truth before she finds from someone else. Pallavi hears the recording.

Raghav sees Pallavi, Pallavi looks at him in anger. Raghav asks whats wrong, Pallavi says Raghav I have a recording this tells everything you said last night.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav says Pallavi let me explain you. Pallavi says didn’t you think what will happen after this.Pallavi finds Mandar’s ring


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