Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th July 2021 Pallavi says to Raghav, Raghav I have your recording where you confessed everything, Raghav thinks he must have done that when he was drunk. Raghav says please let me explain Pallavi, Pallavi says how could you, didn’t you think of the consequences, and starts laughing, Raghav confused, Pallavi says look at your face, and says what are you saying I can’t understand anything, and control your drinks and look how scared you were and pokes Raghav, Pallavi notices Raghav gets trickled and starts tickling him, and falls over him on bed.Naidu calls Pallavi that food is ready.Pallavi leaves. Raghav thinks of Ved.

Pallavi shares Raghav’s drunk story with Amma, Kirti sitting upset, Raghav says I will leave, important call. Jaya asks Kirti what is wrong, Kirti looks at Pallavi in anger anf leaves.
Raghav locks himself in room and thinks of Pallavi, he imagines Pallavi in white saree asking him explanation and leave him.
Raghav makes himself a drink, and says after so long I have a family and all are with me and happy, and O don’t want to ruin it with truth, and I try telling Pallavi but something happens and I find its a sign that I shouldn’t tell Pallavi the truth, she will never know, Rqghav sees his good self who asks him to tell the truth, Raghav says I don’t want her to be in trouble again, Good Raghav says is it Pallavi’s pain or your, Raghav says its for my family and I won’t listen to anyone and do what I want and deal with Ved too.

Pallavi meditating, Raghav walks there to workout, he sits beside her and looks at her, Pallavi opens her eyes, Raghav says I didn’t know you do yoga, Pallavi says Nikhil taught me and starts doing Yoga, Raghav asks what are you doing, Pallavi says head stand, Raghav says careful, Pallavi says I have practice, and performs head stand, Raghav thinks of checking Pallavi’s concentration, Raghav pours water over him, and some falls over Pallavi too, and she gets up and ignores and starts again, Raghav goes shirtless and starys working out, making it difficult for Pallavi to focus, Pallavi says Raghav stop your tricks they won’t distract me, Raghav says you are already distracted and I know girls can’t remove eyes of me and leaves.

Sunny cleaning his house, Ved asks whats wrong, Sunny aska your stupid advice, she slapped me instead and keep your advices with you.
Ved angry thinking about how he will deal with Raghav.

Pallavi gets a call from Ved, Pallavi recognise Ved, Pallavi instead of listening to him starts abusing him, Ved gets confused. Jaya walks to Pallavi and says its Sharda call, Sharda asks Pallavi is she coming, Pallavi asks why, Sharda says its Mandar’s Birthday and pooja in the house too.
Pallavi feels bad for forgetting Mandar’s birthday.
Pallavi says to Jaya I don’t know how I forgot Mandar’s birthday, Jaya says don’t be so upset,its so many things happening near you, Pallavi says I feel so guilty how will I face aai, Jaya says just go to her and Apologize to Sharda, now cmon get ready and go, Sharda will understand your point.

Pallavi looking for her saree doesn’t find any,and says may be white saree is in cartoons in store and starts looking for saree in store, Pallavi finds a ring in store and finds M initial on it and 1st Dec inscribed, Pallavi says oh god this is Mandar’s ring I gifted him, what is it doing here.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi asks Raghav about Mandar’s ring. Raghav in pooja with Pallavi for Mandar.Pallavi asks a Kaka about 1st Dec night, he tells Pallavi there was a big accident.


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