Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th June 2021Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th June 2021Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th June 2021 Vijay warns Raghav says you will go jail this time and leaves, Sharda and Milind follow, Jaya and Kirti leave.Pallavi says Raghav I am sorry I know you didnt do anything, Raghav says how could you say I am not culprit, Pallavi says because I know you better than you, and I will prove you are innocent, Raghav says for first time your father was taking you back, you waited for this day why didn’t you go, Pallavi says because it is wrong and I can’t let you be punished for something you didn’t, you are changing for good I won’t let this wrong happen to you.

Raghav thinks of Vijay’s words. Raghav goes to his office and shatters everything, Farhad leaving seeing him upset, Raghav says wait tell me what happened, Farhad says sign required on Nawabs order, Raghav thinks of how Jaya didn’t believe him and feels bad, Farhad says calm down, Raghav says why doesn’t my Amma love me, she isnt near me to, she is here just physically, I thought things will go normal, I found today its just my imagination, in 1 sec Amma believed Vijay, Amma hates me so much, I did 1 mistake and she always judges me based on it, I can never gain her trust and love, Pallavi whom I tortured so much is supporting me, what should I be happy or sad, Farhad says be happy she supported you, Raghav says I am the reason behind her pain, she had chance to leave me and go back to her family but she didnt, she came back for me, Kirti was right I am not a good person, people’s life ruin when they are with me.

Pallavi thinking why Jaya didnt trust Raghav and she did, I stood for Raghav and not my family, Pallavi looks at herself in the mirror and says what has happened to you, why do you think Raghav wont do it, why do I have so much confidence in him, Krishna walks in and says because you heard what your heart said.

Vijay tells Mansi that Pallavi supported Raghav, Mansi says how could she support a criminal, Sharda says enough Mansi, this topic has no end, Vijay says you won’t understand because I went Jail, you didn’t, Sharda says how can you say this, Vijay says only Pallavi matters to you, and you will always support her, Sharda says she is my daughter and will support her, will you punish me for this, Vijay says I am poor I can’t do anything, Sharda says then stop discussing this topic and hurting yourself, Mansi says you worried about Uncle or Pallavi, Sharda says enough Mansi, Mansi says you spoiled Pallavi, it would be good if she would go Kolhapur and lived a widow life, on first chance she married Raghav and living lavish life, Milind says Mansi shutup don’t speak when you know nothing, Vijay says things wont change by stopping Mansi, Pallavi has moved on its better Milind and Sharda accept it and move on too.

Krishna asks Pallavi did she feel bad, Pallavi says am I making a mistake, but today my heart says Raghav is right but mind says no, Krishna says listen to what yout heart says and go ahead you will never be wrong, and its good to see you care about someone else too other than your family, Pallavi says I dont love him, Krishna says I didn’t say you love him, I said you care for him, you look after other house hold work I will manage saree work. Pallavi says I will go see Amma, Pallavi leaves Krishna says thank God, soon Pallavi will fall for Raghav.

Jaya packing sarees, Pallavi walks in and asks why are you packing my stuff, Jaya says go home back, its better you stay with your family and anyway you are going after one month go today, Raghav will only bring you pain and not happiness.
Pallavi says to Jaya, you first got us married and now when I am trying to accept it you want me go, let me make decisions, what is it that you can’t trust Raghav, he loves you so much, but you dont give him a chance, Jaya says because he doesn’t deserve it, who does this to his father…

Jaya says to Pallavi that I hate Raghav for my own reason, he can only ruin lives, so listen to me and leave him as soon as you can.

Pallavi hears Raghav upset. Kirti trying to reach Sunny, Kirti decides to visit his house, Rocky picks Kirti’s call says Sunny is unconscious please come soon.

Raghav asks Farhad to shut the shop robbery took place in, Pallavi walks in hearing his voice, Raghav on call yells that I don’t care with the loss shut it. Pallavi walks to Raghav says have you lost it, how can you punish yourself and others for one person’s mistake, because of your anger and impulsive decisions you may ruin so many lives, Raghav says you run a shop with mere 2 people dont advice me, experience people should advice, Pallavi said who told me I don’t have experience, before Krishna the guy who worked with me use to steal a lot, I trusted him and made him realise his mistake, Raghav says I don’t want these qualities, only you can do this, when I do anything Good all blame me so its better I do things my way and leaves asking Farhad to close the shop

Pallavi says to Farhad this is guy is business man, business a vegetable vendor does better than him, Farhad says only you can help him, Pallavi says he will calm down only when he finds who did this, Farhad says I am sure it is some employee but who because we couldn’t find.
Pallavi asks Farhad to give her some information, Pallavi asks for necklace voucher, Farhad says this set was out twice and Raghav has signed on both, so Raghav took it out, we made one voucher to free Vijay, but what about other, Pallavi says someone took it in name of Raghav and kept it at Deshmukh’s, and he signed as Raghav also knows rules so it is someone from showroom.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav show’s Pallavi the set he brought for Kirti and asks her to give to Kirti, Pallavi says you give, Raghav says either of us gives its same thing.Raghav tells his employees that he wont shut the shop, Sunny at Raghav’s sees the employee and says hi you are Rocky’s friend who gave him that necklace, Pallavi hears that.


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