Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th October 2021 Pallavi asks Esha is she fine and scolds Raghav, Pallavi says for a business deal you are doing this. Raghav says this isn’t business deal and leaves. Pallavi apologize to Esha says I don’t know what happened to me, Esha says I am late for office please, Pallavi says okay and thinks why is Raghav behaving with her this way

Keerti hears Esha’s name from Farhad and asks him who is this Esha, Farhad says Raghav cancelled a deal with Dasri because of his Vastu consultant, Keerti says okay and thinks I hope its not her.

Pallavi and Raghav reach home, Raghav says who asked you to follow me, Pallavi asks but what is wrong with you, and I came behind you because you left angry and who is this Esha how do you know she got you an extention and why does she matter you so much. Raghav remembers Pallavi says she doesn’t want to Know about girl who hurt Raghav, Raghav says Esha was my batchmate we were good friends but she was greedy, she just wanted money and can do anything for money and so I don’t want to do any work she is connected with.

Pallavi says money is important to you too and so is for Esha and its just business deal and not any relationship and this time business is more important than those losses, Raghav says I made a decision No means no and leaves. Pallavi says he is so much stubborn.

Vijay working on laptop, Milind walks to him and asks should he drop him at Raghav’s, Vijay says no Farhad has sent me laptop and internet so will he working from home, Milind says Good and says you have a mail, and shows Vijay how to check mail and reads mail for him that Raghav sent some Jewellery samples and client has liked it and will also give necklace orders of two weddings in his house to Raghav, Vijay says this os good news this will help Raghav. Sulochana trying to peek in the laptop. Vijay says let me call Farhad and inform

Sulochana asks Vijay is he fine, he is acting as if Nikhil got a huge order, and why is he celebrating Raghav, Vijay says I am happy for my company and leaves. Milind says Sulochana things are changing and my family is happy again don’t ruin it.

Pallavi reaches Dasari office and thinks I will talk to Dasari and try convince him for deal and also mean time will talk to Raghav to be professional, and not mix personal and professional. Esha hands resignation to Dasari and says I need off from work and you talk to Raghav after I leave, this deal is important for both companies, Dasari says you leaving job for a stupid man, Esha says I am doing this for me not him, please allow me. Pallavi hears Esha talk and says if she is what Raghav says why is she sacrificing job for the deal.

Raghav on call says sell Jayti jewel 3 showrooms on urgency, I need new buyer urgently. Keerti walks to Raghav says Pallavi was asking about Esha, Raghav asks what did you say, Keerti says I said nothing, Raghav says I already told her she was in my College, Keerti says is it just that she is just college classmate, Raghav says did you forget what she did, Keerti says how can I forget someone who destroyed you and also one of the reasons you were away from us, but I thought you moved on,

Raghav says I did, Keerti says then why so angry, Raghav says this is hatred and she deserves hatred nothing else, and you don’t interfere, Keerti says I will I am your sister and even after move on if someone is making you so restless, you need to think, feelings are very complicated, me and Pallavi are back as friends, and I know she doesn’t like Sunny but now I have decided to keeo these two life separate, so even I suggest you talk to Pallavi and share your feelings don’t hide, Raghav says I am not hiding, Keerti says don’t false convince yourself and leaves.

Pallavi outside Dasari jewellers having tea, she sees Esha come out and walks to her, and request to talk, and says I was here to talk about deal but saw you giving resignation, Esha says Pallavi its my personal decision and don’t want to give anyone explanation, Pallavi says but what Raghav said, Esha says wait he told you everything, Pallavi says yes everything about you, and I was thinking to talk to you before Dasari because Raghav is very stubborn, Esha thinks Raghav has told Pallavi about their past affair and says Raghav was always impulsive, like it would affect if he would think.

Pallavi says this deal is important for Jayti jewels. Esha says I got him extension for that and what we had was past he should forget that, I know I gave him lot of trouble but now he is married why bring past and ruin things we were the only couple who had breakup and why react this way, Pallavi says what breakup and couple, Esha says why surprised you told me Raghav told you everything that we were couple in College and dated and were going to marry.

Raghav thinking about Keerti’s advice. Pallavi walks in and asks was Esha your ex girlfriend, Raghav says yes. Pallavi says why didn’t you tell me, Raghav says I did and you said you didn’t want to know and didn’t want to discuss about her, Pallavi says then why are you two over reacting, she is leaving job and you ready to go prison and if she is what you said why will she quit job, Raghav says may be she has better job offer and now shut up when you nothing about her why defend her, Raghav hugs Pallavi and apologize for shouting at her. Pallavi hugs him.

Raghav says its painful when I think about her, I have forgotten her but not what she did to me. Pallavi looks at Raghav and says take a seat and says Raghav we can talk about this you will feel better and its fine if you don’t want to.

Raghav says we were in same class and were friends and soon started liking eachother and started dating and then fell in love, she was my soulmate and couldn’t live a minute without her and decided whole future with her and one day she came to me and said her mother has fixed her marriage and Esha left me because I had no money at all so she went with the rich one, she didn’t think about me or my love but just money,

I cried and begged a lot to her but she didn’t listen, she left me and I was broken and realised what pain was and was worst day in my life and seeing her gives me all the pain back and I don’t want to be that week again and lies head on Pallavi’s lap in tears.

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