Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9th October 2021Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9th October 2021Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9th October 2021 Raghav says to Pallavi that Esha was his past and he loves only her and she is his present and future, Pallavi says I know that and don’t doubt it and Esha has already affected your life don’t give another chance, you need to be practical and not emotional, you need this deal, don’t do this because of her, Raghav says Dasari won’t deal now, I anyways need a new buyer

Keerti gives Rajan her food timetable. Sunny calls her, Keerti asks where were you, Sunny says I just booked a flat in near by building and we will get possession in 9 months, Keerti very happy, Sunny says I need your support and work to earn lot of money, Keerti says you have my full support, Sunny says I got you past, will cook your favourite one today, Keerti says okay and leaves. Sunny says she gets trapped so quickly why will someone leave this mansion and shift in the flat

Pallavi visits Dasari. Pallavi comes back home and sees Vijay with sweets and asks why sweets did you find about Dasari deal, Vijay says no I came here because Raghav got Varangal’s deal. Pallavi says wow Dasari deal and Varangal order. Keerti walks in with Sunny and congratulate Pallavi and hugs her. Sunny surprised to see Keerti’s reaction. Raghav walks in, Vijay gives him sweets and says I need to go home early, Pallavi says you don’t need permission bye.

Sunny asks Keerti why is she so happy for Pallavi, Keerti says lets go to room and talk and both leave. Pallavi says to Raghav its double celebration, Dasari has agreed for deal, Farhad walks in and says Dasari called and is ready to sign papers, Raghav thanks Pallavi, Farhad says ask Bhabhi next time before any decision, Raghav says good suggestion but ask her to stop calling me Ghamandi Rao I am changed her, she has this name saved in phone too. Pallavi says invalid condition I don’t have anything like this saved,

Raghav says show me, Pallavi says my phone battery is low and it hangs a lot. Raghav says give it here and checks phone and shows to Farhad, Pallavi says my phone what is your problem, Farhad whispers to Pallavi change the name and he will be in forever control, Pallavi says give me phone I will change it, Raghav asks Farhad what did he say, Pallavi says Raghav look I changed the name now you have to listen to me everytime.

Dasari tells Esha that Pallavi requested not to accept her resignation and he is also giving her intern as she had requested.Sulochana and Mansi come back from parlour and shopping and see Amruta, Sulochana asks her why didn’t she come to shopping, Amruta says I am applying for job at Hyderabad’s 2nd largest jewellery store Dasari and its a great opportunity, Sulochana says do it and soon you will be married too,

Amruta says what if I don’t marry and just do work, Sulochana says what nonsense is this, Amruta says why nonsense even Pallavi works even after marrying in rich family, and her family supports her too. Sulochana says God this Pallavi, by great difficulty I saved Mansi from her and now you, don’t you see she hates this family, Amruta says stop this villian drama and Pallavi is no enemy.

Vijay and Milind hear Amruta, Vijay walks to Amruta says you are getting inspired by a good idol, do whatever you want I will support you, and no one can stop you, Sulochana says what are you teaching her. Vijay says Sulochana all do mistakes that doesn’t make them bad.
Sunny says to Keerti, she is your friend now because she convinced you for a kid, Keerti says I don’t have a family other than them and I was tired of tjis being upset, Amma, Raghav, Pallavi their care and love, I missed that a lot and I am jot forcing you to like them, I will keep them separate, Keerti gets a call and leaves. Sunny says new drama again, if they unite I will be thrown out soon

Esha visits Pallavi, Pallavi remembers Raghav’s confession about her. Esha says I need to talk to you, thank you for the Job and deal, Pallavi says I don’t talk to selfish people, you broke Raghav’s heart for money and now I understand Raghav’s reaction, breaking someone’s heart is biggest crime and one on the other hand gets affected and not the one who did crime, and I don’t want any relation with you, love or hate, so please focus on your work. Pallavi picks Esha’s phone ny mistake.
Esha leaves with Pallavi’s phone thinking its her.

Raghav in his office, Rajan gets him shake and says Pallavi isn’t home yet, Raghav messages Pallavi, says I can’t focus in work just thinking about you, Pallavi replies with ??, Raghav says I am romantic here and look at her, Raghav replies don’t you want to say anything else, Pallavi replies what, Raghav replies say I Love You, Pallavi replies what, Raghav says quickly say, Pallavi replies Me too. Raghav replies me too missing you a lot Pallavi, come home soon, I can’t wait anymore.

Pallavi reaches home, she asks Rajan is dinner cooked, Rajan says yes, Pallavi says okay arrange the dinner, Raghav walks to her and says no value fir husband, Pallavi asks what, Raghav says why didn’t you come to me, Pallavi says you will be hungry then. Raghav says I didn’t message for this reaction, Pallavi asks what message, Raghav says I did message sometime back, Pallavi says you didn’t see, Pallavi says this phone isn’t mine. Raghav hears door bell goes check door and sees Esha. Pallavi walks to him.
Esha replying to Raghav’s message from Pallavi’s phone thinking Raghav is expressing his feelings to Esha and thinks he still loves her and then reads message come soon Pallavi, Esha quickly deletes the message.

Esha says Pallavi’s phone was with me, Raghav thinks did Esha reply to me then, Pallavi remember Raghav saying he sent romantic message for her and thinks did Esha reply him and of yes what.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav and Pallavi get eachother gifts.Pallavi sees Raghav with Esha and giving her gift and gets hurt.


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