Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th September 2020 Episode starts with Pammi telling Amber that she has called Rocky as he is number 1 wedding planner. Rocky describes the arrangements and tells that there will be umbrellas’ everywhere and your bride will come like a butterfly. Dr. Pandey comes there as a butterfly. Amber asks Rocky to leave and tells that he don’t want wedding planner. Pammi tells that she wants Rocky to plan her daughter’s wedding. Amber argues with her. Guneet comes there with Jhanvi. Nia asks Amber to look at Guneet. Pammi asks Rocky if she told him about the package. Amber says he don’t want any package. Guneet looks on. Nia asks Rocky if he have tea or coffee. She asks Shri to take him for tea. Pammi asks Nia to make him understand. Amber asks Pammi to plan her own marriage if it happens. Guneet says Amber ji please. Nia tells Pammi that there is a problem in her earrings and takes her to side. Dr. Pandey asks them to sit for their roka. They keep the stuff of both their sides. Nia asks Amber and Guneet to leave tension and enjoy. Kabir asks them to smile. Guneet smiles. Kabir asks Amber to breathe in and breathe out. Amber gets nervous and asks them to do their work. He tells Guneet that she is looking good. Guneet says you are looking rose garden. Pammi asks if they have not brought jewellery. Nia says we have brought and shows the necklace. Pammi gets upset and says this. Amber says I was helpless, tells that he is looking cute and says asks why he did this. Amber tells that Pammi wanted mujra and tells that he don’t like marriage planner. Guneet says you might have make her understand.Pammi dislikes the fruits they have brought and says you would have brought unseasonal fruits too. Manjiri says unseasonal fruits can’t get off like unwanted talks which couldn’t be digested. Amber says Manjiri shouldn’t have said this. Guneet says she was right. Amber says can you understand my helplessness. Guneet says yes.

Nia covers Guneet’s head with chunari and gives the stuff to Guneet in her lap and does their aarti. Pammi makes Amber wear chain…She does their aarti and tilak. Nia gives ring to Amber. Guneet forwards her hand. Amver gets nervous…Guneet says you have practiced, you shall not be nervous. Guneet says I shall be nervous as this is my first time. Amber says I was not nervous during first time, but I am nervous now. Guneet says ok, don’t make me wear then? Amber makes her wear ring. Everyone dances. Amber says you can’t away from me now. Guneet tries to make him wear ring and pinches him so that he gives his hand. She makes him wear ring. Nia gives them sweets. Guneet makes Amber wear sweets and he bite on her finger. She says ouch… She says you are very eager. He tells that he has right on her. Pammi asks if they didn’t call the photographer. Shri says I am the photographer.

Guneet and Amber pose for the pics as told by Nia showing the pics. Pammi says my daughter is looking good and tells Nia that her father should have colored his hair then he would have looked good. Guneet makes him pose with her. She swirls and tells that this movement is difficult as the guy is tall in the pic. Amber asks if I am short. Pammi tells that you would have looked good if you were 5-10 years younger. They strike the pose together. Amber is getting upset, but continues to pose with Guneet. Pammi tells that her daughter is looking like a doll. Amber tells that her mother is shocking him. Guneet says let her be happy for her daughter’s marriage function. Amber says why this lavishness is needed. Rocky comes there. Dhol is played. Amber tells that they don’t keep Rocky name even to a dog. Guneet asks what is your problem and tells that her mother has called Rocky and will pay him. Amber gets angry. Guneet, Nia and others dance happily. Amber keeps hand on his ears. Guneet asks what happened? Amber says what to tell you, when you are so happy about the butterflies etc. He asks if we are not sufficient for each other. She asks what is your problem with this, see everyone is happy? Amber goes to Rocky and pushes him out. He asks the dhol guys to go. Nia asks what happened? Guneet asks what are you doing? Amber says he didn’t want loud things. Guneet says you wouldn’t have agreed to marry Punjabi girl. Amber says I agreed without thinking and says he can’t do this. He goes to room. Nia comes to Amber and asks what is this? Amber asks shall I hear her mother’s taunts silently. Nia says she has seen everything and asks if her mind and ears got closed and asks him to be quiet.


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