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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 1st October 2020 Episode starts with Amber wiping his face with Guneet’s pallu. She asks wipes her face with her other side of Pallu. He thanks her. Guneet thanks him for wearing suit and says Maa is happy. Amber says he didn’t dye his hair. Guneet says if you dye your hairs then I will leave you. Amber says I will die eating jaggery. Pammi thinks of Dr. Pandey’s words. Lovely says even I am thinking the same, but Guneet will handle everything. Pammi says she knows that Guneet is very understanding, but if she doesn’t get her happiness in marriage then.

She says Nia has lived her life with her father, and now it is Guneet’s turn to live with Amber and have a child. Lovely says soon Nia will also get married and go from there. She asks her to explain to Guneet that kids are very essential in marriage. Amber sings song and applies sugar syrup to Guneet’s mehendi, while everyone hears his song. Everyone claps for him. Nia asks Amber to search the name in Guneet’s mehendi. Amber asks whose name is written? Guneet says of my groom. Amber says me…He searches his name in her mehendi. Dr. Pandey starts the countdown.

Amber asks him to stop it. Amber couldn’t identidy. Guneet teases him and says Tunnu’s name might be written. She thanks them for arranging such sangeet. Shri says uncle ji danced so well. Kajal says he was so funny. Swara says I didn’t know why uncle was sitting in the car outside, during the sangeet. Everyone gets tensed. Kabir whispers to Swara that Guneet ji didn’t know that Amber uncle had eloped. Dr. Pandey announces a game, aao behen chugli kare….Amber makes Guneet have coffee/tea. Dr. Pandey tells that everyone is different and asks how many of you know that Mr. Sharma wanted to become doctor in childhood. Guneet says why you didn’t become then? Amber says he wanted this in childhood.

He tells that one of the reason was that, we had an argument and he pierced pencil in my bottom. He tells that he had to get operated for that, and Amber was so shocked with all that happenings and took good care of him. but he had swear not to become a doctor then. He says he became a doctor. He then talks about the college girls getting wooed by Amber’s charm. He says nothing much has changed, hair color is changed, now his bones sing song…He says even now girls turn and see him, tell him uncle him. He says he was with Amber since his childhood and saw everything, his pain, tears, and sense of humor. He says he has understood his pause…also. He says I laugh at every talk and he gets irritated. He says I am ice tea and he is hot tea. He says Amber couldn’t express his love well and tells that he used to take letters on his behalf. He says he got beaten up much because of him. He tells that Amber is hesitated to express his feelings and tells about his first marriage. Dr. Pandey asks what jadu did you do that Amber loved you and got ready to marry me, without telling me. Nia says he didn’t tell me also. Guneet says this was done by our chota packet. Dr. Pandey says Sharma will change after marriage, and I have to take appointment for meeting. He says how you will meet me 36 times, hug and meet me. Guneet says you can talk to me. Dr. Pandey says the wars happened because of the woman, but the ladies didn’t get even a scratch.

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