Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 22nd September 2020 Amber tells Guneet that they might fight or argue but it will be a problem if we stop talking. We cannot do that. He smiles. She asks him why he is smiling. He says I am enjoying scolding you today. She tells him this wont happen every day. Stop now. He still smiles. It is fun.

Nia comes in with the lehenga. You bought is already? He tries to stop her but she throws it towards Guneet. All the best Dad. She runs out.

Guneet is touched. I selected this yesterday and you bought it already. I thought you will get upset when I will tell you about the necklace. Your photos wont come good then. This is very good. Did you like it? He asks her if she liked it. She nods. He says it will be good then. he tries to move her hair when they hear Nia calling out to Guneet. He tucks Guneet’s hair behind her ears and smiles. Guneet picks up the lehenga and goes inside. Ambers pats on his cheek cutely.

Nia is packing her mother’s belongings in a bg. Her eyes well up as she looks at her mother’s photos. Past memories flash before her eyes. She caresses the portraits. Guneet enters and notices her thus. Nia says I made space for you. Guneet asks her why she did that. This wasn’t required. I would have made my own space. Nia says this was required. She left yet she has always been with Dad. We used to be happy just thinking about her. Memories wont go anywhere. They will always be with us. We have to make new memories with you now. Thank you. Welcome to our home, to our family. You should fill this house with happiness, with your laughter. Guneet wipes Nia’s tears and hugs her. Thank you, Nia. Nia smiles. We are waiting for you. She takes the box outside.

Guneet looks at the empty cupboard. She picks up one photo of Anjali and Nia and looks around emotionally.

Nia is still emotional. She caresses her mother’s picture. I am not crying. You too don’t cry please. I am not saying bye to you. I am just changing the location. I wont vacate my room ever. Amber asks her why she had to do this. I would have bought a new cupboard for Guneet. Nia wipes her tears and then makes him sit next to her. I know you could have done that but everything is changing for good now. Mumma will be happy if you are happy. He asks her why she is crying then. She declines and looks away. He makes her look at him. She lies to him again. She picks up the trunk. I am thinking to give it to Massi. She is her sister after all. She will feel good too. She has helped us all along when she is going through so much herself. She has a big hand in whatever is happening. He picks one saree from the box and drapes it around Nia. They both agree not to part with it. It is the same saree which she had worn once. Both of them are in tears. Nia assures her father that Mumma isn’t going anywhere. He says I wont let her go. Why is she going? He excuses himself.

Guneet notices Amber sitting sadly in a corner. Is everything fine? He nods. She asks him what he was thinking. He asks her if she had some work. She asks him if she cannot come without work. He shakes his head and repeats his question at her. She asks him if there is some problem, if he is bothered over something. He shakes his head. Guneet reminds Amber that they have kept retro theme for sangeet. We must dance tonight. He isn’t keen to do it but she convinces him. She makes him take few deep breaths. Which song will you dance on? He reminds her of his age. She plays O Haseena Zulfonwali and makes him practice some steps. She looks for another song.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Pammy ji and her friend advice Amber to dye his hair. Amber tries to stop Nia but Kabir tells him that she has left for her presentation.


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