Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th December 2019 Written Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th December 2019 Episode Start With Guneet asking the lady whom she wants to meet. The lady asks who are you? Guneet says she is the tenant here and asks who are you? Shanti says she is Anjali’s didi who stays in Allahabad. Guneet welcomes her. She asks her name. The lady says she is Manjiri Pradhan. Guneet makes tea for her. Shanti says when Amber comes, then he will take our class. Amber comes to Kabir’s office and asks who is the guy, whom you sent with Nia? He shows the message. Kabir asks which guy? He says I will break that guy’s mouth. Kabir says I will enquire who is he and asks him to go home. He sends voice message to Nia asking her to talk to her dad and asks the guy not to touch her phone again. Nia is upset with the guy for messaging her dad. Guneet comes out and tells Manjiri that Amber talks about Anjali and Nia. Manjari says he doesn’t respect me, tells that she stepped in the house after 10 years.

Manjari asks how did he agreed to let a tenant stay here. Guneet says he was not willing to agree, he agreed as Nia went to America. Manjari says she is not aware that Nia went to America. She says my heart is breaking since an outsider like you here and we are outside. Guneet asks her to sit. Manjari asks her to bring brick and stone, says jija ji will hit me with it. Amber says you will not get even such respect. He asks her to get out. Manjari says she came for Nia. She says she used to have sympathy on him, says even Nia left you. Guneet takes Amber’s side and tells that you are not right, Amber ji is a good father and Nia couldn’t get better father than him. Manjari says that’s why Amber kept you at home. Amber gets angry. Guneet says I have nothing to do with you both, but don’t speak such words. Manjari says this man has stones in his heart and kept us away from our sister. She says truth is that she died of our separation. Amber shouts at her and asks her to leave. Manjari leaves.

Amber looks at Anjali’s pic. Manjari pushes the report from inside the door. Amber sees it and is shocked to see Manjari’s report. Manjari says from outside, tells that she is unwell and having disease like Anjali. She came here for treatment. Guneet tells that she is opening the door and will let Manjari stay in her room. Amber gets upset. Guneet takes her inside. Nia comes to her room and is sad. She reads the guy’s letter, who has written letter for her, says that he is again running away from there and will meet her if destiny wants. He says I am deleting your number again.

Amber tells Anjali’s pic that he can’t forgive her. He thinks it is good that Nia is not here. He sends her voice message asking her to be fine and work good.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Nia tells Kajal about the guy. The guy comes to Amber’s office. Amber asks him not to touch the file.


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