Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th October 2020 Episode starts with Amber trying to romance Guneet, when Pammi comes there and he hides. Pammi asks did your husband make arrangements for my stay and asks her to make him understand to bring her here. Amber pulls Guneet towards him. Guneet says she will handle her. Pammi asks what are you doing there? Guneet shows the potatoes in her hand and pretends to pick it. Pammi tells Guneet that she has to come today itself. Guneet asks her to go and says she will come there and talk. Pammi says tenants came to Shukla’s house so I have to shift here. She says she wants ground floor room. Amber gets up and says that room is of my daughter. Pammi says you was hiding and listening to our conversation. Amber says you used to stay in first floor room. Pammi says she has pain in her legs. Guneet asks them to stop fighting and tells that she will find some solution. Pammi and Amber go from there arguing.

Nia and RB are in the Wenet office. He says you are going to head this company. Nia says she was thrown out of this company, one year back and now she is back. She thanks RB for this opportunity. RB says this is because of your hardwork. Wenet chairman and others come there. Nia greets him. Chairman asks if you are ready to sign. RB asks Nia. Nia says surely. RB signs on the papers. Lawyer says you can announce officially once the papers is processed. It might take a day. Nia gets sad. RB asks her not to tell anyone.

He says you have always followed one rule, that you kept your friends and dad first than the professional life. He asks her to think about herself first. Swara talks to her mom and says once we decide, we will tell you. Kabir hears her. Swara tells that she has to buy party arrangements. Kabir says I will buy it. Swara goes. Guneet talks to Nia and tells her problem. She tells that her mom is shifting here, so she wants ground floor room. She tells that Amber and I have decided to shift our room to upstairs. Nia says no, why you want to change your room. Amber gets up from behind the chair and says Pammi and you on ground floor and we shall stay on first floor.

Amber tells that this is the right solution. Guneet says she is my mother and that’s why she will stay in my room. RB tells that he has better idea than them, tells that Nia and I will work together, so it would be best for her to stay there. He says Amber and Guneet can romance without any hindrance. Guneet whispers something to Amber. Nia asks what discussion is going on? Guneet says we were just pretending. Amber tells that RB is right and tells her not to think that they are going away from her. Guneet says we will never leave you. Nia says you both have gone sweet and strange.

Nia tells Kabir that she is shifting to RB sir’s floor and her new phase is starting. Kabir asks about the watch. She says keep it here. She says she is new Independent Nia. Kabir asks if you are hiding something from me and asks if RB sir is just your friend or something more. Nia asks if this is your mind or girlfriend’s mind as you never thought this way. She says RB sir is changed and he is so sensitive, helpful and careful. He says now see me, that he is giving me a big break. Kabir asks which break? Nia thinks she shall not tell. Kabir asks her to tell. Nia says it is a good opportunity, but I can’t tell as it is not certain. Kabir says if I am stupid or you can’t see why is he doing this? Nia asks what are you saying? Kabir says RB is doing this as you are set in his mind. Nia says there is nothing in his mind for me and asks him to do packing. Kabir says as you say and asks him to stop shouting at him.

Pammi and Guneet are arguing while packing the bags. Amber assumes what they are talking. Pammi comes there. Amber asks him to drink tea and serves her tea. Pammi drinks and says it is ok. Amber says even I have same thinking. They have a cold argument. Pammi says I will not argue with you. Amber tells that she knows that he is very fast in reply. Pammi says we shall sign a contract. Amber says it is ready and shows the contract. Pammi reads it and says these points are in your favour. Amber asks her to turn page and see. Pammi reads that he will always praise her food and will take her for outing once in a month. She gets glad and asks really? Amber promises her. She shakes her hand with him.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Guneet tells Nia that Kabir and Swara are going to announce their engagement and asks her to move on. She asks her about RB and doubts that he has feelings for her. Nia looks on.


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