Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th November 2019 Episode Start With Nia couldn’t sleep in Kajal’s house. Kajal asks her to talk to her Dad and asks shall I sleep? Nia asks her to sleep and asks why she is giving her lecture? Kajal says fine and sleeps. Nia looks at Amber and her pic and smiles. She recalls Amber making her sleep and gets teary eyes. She gets up from the bed. Amber couldn’t get sleep and thinks to go and check the sink pipe which is leaking. He asks Anjali’s pic not to laugh and says he has to do all the important work.

Nia comes back home and finds water on the floor. She is shocked and sees Amber throwing the water out from the kitchen window. She runs inside and calls him worriedly. Song plays….Nia hugs Amber and asks if the water went in the room. Amber says I am fine and asks why did she return? Nia says sorry, I shouldn’t have left home. Amber says your father is a slippery pot. Nia says I should have talked about tenant before. Amber says I wouldn’t have agreed so easily. Nia says sorry and hugs him. Amber says we are staying alone with each other since 8 years and tells that old habits need to be left, as one wheel is leaving. He says they will sort out things. They throw the water out. Nia plays while throwing water out. Amber gets tired.

Door bell rings. Ghanshyam, Upadhya and Shanti come there. Ghanshyam says who called the plumber? Amber asks if he is scolding him. Upadhya tells Amber that they will clean the water from the floor. Shukla and his wife come there. Amber thanks them and asks them to start. They take the water in buckets and throw it out. Amber asks Nia how they came? Nia says she made a group so that they reach when we are in need. Amber says not me, but you. He says you want that someone shall be at home all the time, then you will get peace. Nia says I will be less afraid then. Amber says if father dies or gets any attack then someone shall be here to throw him out. He asks her to keep the tenant at home, but tell him before keeping the tenant.

Guneet and Pooja meet the house owner’s men. Guneet tells them about KK and tells that he used to change his avatar many times. The man asks how we will identify him. Guneet asks him to look at his eyes. She says Pooja called him with much difficulty and told that she will give her 10 lakhs. Pooja says if he gets doubtful then. Guneet asks her not to worry as they brought their soldiers here. Guneet says I will be connected with everyone on video call. Pooja goes inside restaurant. Guneet tells her that KK will come. The agent comes to the house and tells that Nia asked them not to bring people who are having kids. He brings a bachelor guy who looks at the house. Amber looks at him. The guy tells that the house needs to be repaired and the fittings are very cheap by the contractor. Amber says I have done all this.

Guneet calls her men and asks if they saw KK. They say no. Guneet tells them that red car is coming. She says he must be inside the car. House owner’s man asks happy and baby to catch the man. The man gets down from the car. Guneet sees him and tells the men that he is not KK. They ask her to find out if he will come. Guneet says he is very greedy and will come surely. He comes on the bike and removes his helmet. He gets inside the restaurant. Guneet calls Pooja. Pooja asks her to check and tells that he came to meet me in Mercedes. KK hears her and runs out. Guneet says don’t know how he will come? KK hides in the trees and looks at Guneet. He understands her plan and smiles. He click her pic with his phone. Someone comes to Guneet and asks her to take coffee. She says she didn’t ask. The man tells that the man ordered for her. She goes near the bike and finds KK’s message for her. She tells her men that KK eloped and knows that we are here. She sees him going from behind her men on the bike and looks at him.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Amber comes out of bathroom and sees Guneet in his bedroom. He shouts. She also shouts.


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