Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd January 2020 Episode Start With Nia coming out of lift while Randeep comes inside the hospital. Guneet tells Amber that she will ask her mother to make something for Nia. Amber says she might be thinking that his other leg didn’t break. Guneet says she is partying as I told her that I got your everything written on my name. Amber laughs and says whoever jokes on others, gets slapped by the destiny. Randeep comes to meet Amber and asks why there is no response. He says I have understand that you will not change your style of working. He says my dad is a mafia don and gave me 6 months to make your business fine.

He says you shall not have any hard feelings for me. Patient’s brother comes there and says he is my brother Kameshwar. Randeep asks did you check his face? The man says yes. Randeep goes. Amber’s room is at other side. Randeep doesn’t see him and goes. Guneet takes off the second pillow off his hand seeing him sleeping and thinks he is so egoistic from inside, but it is of no use. She says I accept that Manjari did a mistake, and there is no forgiveness for this. She says whoever does the mistake, is not aware that they are doing mistake. She says it is easy to break relations and much strength is needed to make relations again. She says you will go one day, but who will come for Nia, nobody…as you have siyappa with all. She thinks it is good that he didn’t hear, tells that she is happy that she spoke her heart out. She says I will get coffee for myself till you sleep and goes out. Amber opens his eyes and looks on.

Pummy asks Nia to have food and makes her have food with her hand. Nia says no. Pummy asks if you will make your father hear lullaby as he is sleeping. Door bell rings. Nia leaves eating and comes downstairs. Shanti asks Manjari to go. Nia says I called Maasi here and asks Shanti to go. manjari gets glad seeing nia and says last time when I saw you last, you was having pony tails and frock. Nia says this is not family union and says I called you to know what happened between Dad and you. She says something had happened years ago which Dad never told me. Manjari says your papa broke relation with us, because of which we couldn’t be intouch of your mother.

Nia says what dad has hidden from me. Manjari says when our mother died, my mother and I took everything belonging to her and didn’t give anything to Anjali, as we thought she is well settled. She says Amber felt bad and broke relation with us. She says your Papa didn’t let us come to Anjali’s last rites. She says he comes to Allahabad every years, does Anjali’s shradh at the ghat and leaves silently, as it was Anjali’s last wish. Nia says Dad never told me this. Manjari says Anjali wanted to spend her last days with us, but he didn’t let us meet her. She says he knows that he has done a sin and that’s why doing penance and coming there every year. She says he broke our family and cries. Nia cries too.

Guneet asks Nia why did she call Manjari at her house. She says your Papa will get upset knowing this. Nia says she wanted to know her side of story. She says you didn’t know how was Dad’s condition after Maa left. She says he was isolated and hurt. I had decided that I will not talk to the persons hurting him, but he was hiding something from me. Guneet asks her not to come to conclusion at this time. Nia asks did I judge him anytime. Guneet says you have right to question him, but not now. She asks her to ask him once he gets fine.

Amber wakes up in the morning and says good morning to Nia. Nia gives him medicine. Amber asks her to ask doctor to discharge him. Nia asks him to drink tea and says breakfast will be brought. Amber says I have to book your return tickets too after going home. Nia goes out. Amber thinks Nia is very upset with him.

Nia comes back to Amber. Amber asks what happened to him. Amber tells that he didn’t do any mistake. Nia says if it was not your mistake then..Dr. Pandey comes there. Amber asks him to give him discharge. Dr. Pandey asks if he is disliking the hospital. Amber says yes. Dr. Pandey tells that Amber is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and tells that he shall take care. He asks Nia not to be serious and asks about her return. Nia says she will think. Dr. Pandey asks her not to worry as Guneet is here.

Amber asks Guneet why she said anything to Nia. Guneet says Nia came running from US and asks him to tell the truth to him. Amber says she is a child. Guneet says she is not a child and waiting to hear from you. I didn’t tell her anything wrong.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Nia questions Amber, why he didn’t tell her that his BP was high, that he went to catch KK, does her mother shraddh every year etc.


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