Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st December 2019 Episode Start With Manjari asking what Nia will do after knowing the truth, if she will forgive you. Amber asks if she is threatening him. Manjari says I am giving you a warning and tells that he might lose the relation dear to him. Amber tells Guneet it is done now. He brings Manjari’s bag and throws it out. Randeep asks Upadhya what Amber was doing when debt was increasing. Upadhya says I used to tell him, but he used to scold us. Randeep says so he shall teach him. Upadhya says Amber has a perception that he understands his customers than the machine. Randeep laughs and says things need to change.

He recalls Nia telling that certain things will not change and she knows one such stubborn person. He takes Amber’s address and comes there. He tries to talk to him, but Amber leaves in a hurry on the bike. Randeep thinks so this was dad’s plan, this old man will make me do disco. Amber is riding on the bike and thinks of Manjari’s words. He recalls Randeep telling that he was sent to handle this company. He recalls Mehndi asking him to learn something from him. He gets very angry and meets with an accident.

Nia is appreciated by her boss and he tells that APP is working well and it is fast tracked. She gets Amber’s call and picks it. Guneet tells her about Amber’s accident. Nia is shocked and shattered. Guneet takes him to hospital and informs Ghanshyam about Amber’s accident. Nurse asks if she is Patient’s relative and asks her to fill the form. Guneet nods her head and says yes. Saathi mil gaya plays…..She fills the form and signs on it. Doctor operates him. Nia calls Kabir and tells him that she took flight and is going to hospital now. She asks driver to take her to City hospital. Kabir asks her to reach the hospital and says he will take Kajal and Shri there.

She reaches the hospital. Ghanshyam and Upadhya tell that he was worried since morning. Nia asks where is he? Upadhya says ICU. Nia cries and goes there. Guneet sees her. Nia goes to ICU and sees Amber. She cries and thinks of her words, Amber’s words and their conversation. Nurse comes and calls her out. Nia cries and comes out. Guneet pacifies her with a hug and says Amber ji is fine now and out of danger. Nia asks how did he meet with an accident? Guneet says you might have said something or your mother. Guneet says maa haven’t told anything. Nia says dad doesn’t drive fast and asks her to tell. Guneet says we will talk later. Dr. Pandey tells Nia that your father is saved, he has injuries, broken bone, but everything is fine. He says he is waiting for MRI report. He asks Guneet to give 50 Rs and says I had said that this girl will come in 24 hours. Nia asks shall I meet Dad. Dr. Pandey says he will half fine seeing you.


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