Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd September 2020 Amber gets happy and dances seeing Guneet’s message. Dr. Pandey is surprised and asks what did she send? Amber says GM in block letters, Good morning. Dr. Pandey asks him to look in the front. Guneet is going out with Jhanvi and messages Amber Good morning. Amber looks at her and tells that weather is bad today. Guneet says here it is hot and good. Dr. Pandey asks him to ask, what is her favorite fruit? Amber messages Guneet. Manjiri comes out of house. Amber and Pandey get alerted. Guneet reads the message. Kajal asks if their plan will work. Nia says nothing can work to test someone than jealousy, it is very painful to see loved one with other. They say Manjiri Maasi. Amber comes inside and asks Nia if she has done all the arrangements to go to Bangalore. Nia says trip cancelled. Amber laughs. Nia asks him to control. Kajal says you are getting happy these days and asks him to make coffee. Amber says I will go to my room and will come in 10 mins. He goes. Manjiri comes to Guneet and says hello. Guneet says how are you? Manjiri says she is not fine and wants to talk to her. She asks how to get work in your goldway. Guneet says it is very easy and says I will explain to you. Manjiri says I want to work as men like working woman. Guneet says you shall work for yourself. Manjiri asks what do you think what kind of woman Amber wants? She says Nia thinks that I am her Maasi and will fight in her house with Amber. She says she feels that Amber also feels for her and asks what does she think? She asks if you are having something with Amber. Guneet looks on upset.

Manjiri says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have asked this question. She says I thought you know him. Guneet says I will send you goldway number. Manjiri says I am going to buy red shirt for Amber and asks if he will like it. Guneet says I will go. She then turns and asks her to buy blue color, checks shirt and if she buys tshirt then it shall be collared tshirt. Guneet goes. Manjiri comes to Nia and tells that Guneet didn’t let her know her feelings. Nia gets emotional and tells that Guneet didn’t react even once and says if there was nothing then she would have shoot you. She says Guneet knows that Dad’s favorite color is blue and knew that he has 3 red shirts in his cupboard already. She says I was thinking about just dad, didn’t think about how Guneet has felt. She recalls her behavior with Guneet and accuses her for doing two timing with Amber and Anurag.

Pammi comes to room and calls Guneet. She finds watch near the bed and thinks it might be of Shukla ji and came with clothes. She asks Shukla. Shukla ji says it is not my watch, and tells that it might be Sharma ji’s watch. Nia tells that she is a bad daughter. Manjiri says you was just protecting him. Kajal says you are world’s best daughter to have found your Dad ki companion. Nia says I found my dad ki dulhan. She sees laundry guy coming and stops him. She takes his scarf and dances holding it on the street. Kajal, Manjiri and the laundry guy dance with them. Nia shouts aloud happily and says I got my Dad ki Dulhan.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Guneet messages Amber that she likes Pineapple. Amber takes pineapple in his hand and hits on his nose. Nia asks Amber to show his face. She gets upset with him for hiding the truth.


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