Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th December 2019 Episode Start With Nia asking Amber to come out and tells that they are not going to parade. Amber comes out wearing old torn tshirt and shorts. Nia greets the tshirt calling herself as its grand daughter. She asks Amber if he is ready. They go to the room holding bucket and mob. A fb is shown, Nia tells Amber that they shall donate mummy’s things to someone else. Amber says I will keep it safe. Fb ends. Nia takes out the bedsheets from the sofa. Amber tells Nia that they shall give a corner to Guneet and not fully home.

Nia asks him to clean the floor. Guneet and her mum start packing their stuff. Amber asks Nia what is she doing with the wool. Nia says she is going to throw it. Amber says your mum have brought it and tells that he will all keep it in his room and is not asking her to take them to US. She takes off Anjali’s photo frame and says I will hang it in your room. Amber says let her pic be here. Nia says how Maa stays with strangers. Amber says your mum is not habitual to stay downstairs and tells that they will keep Anjali’s stuff in the side. Nia says Guneet and her mum will have their own stuff, where they will keep it. Amber asks Nia to let Anjali’s pic be on the wall and tells that he will keep all the stuff.

Nia brings cola and chips and asks him to clean the floor first. Amber uses vacuum cleaner and cleans the room. Nia says now you will get bear. In the morning, Nia wakes up Amber and tells that it is morning now. She tells him that she got a surprise for him and shows the new night suit. He asks if they are going to space. They get ready and go for a walk.

Later, Nia comes to office and tells Shri that she is happy. He says today is Tenant day. Kabir and Kajal come there. They talk about the meeting. Shri says today tenant is going to come. Kabir says I remember and congratulates Nia. Nia tells that she has to reach home before tenant comes. They are about to go. Nia and Kabir leave. Kajal tells that both of them love each other. Shri tells that it is one sided love and tells that long distance relationship doesn’t work. Nia and Kabir get in the same lift, but don’t talk.

Guneet asks her mum to come with her. her mum refuses to go and asks her to leave her. Guneet tells her that God signed them that something good will happen, their life is going to change. They hear the sound. Guneet says they will break the things. Her mum asks then men loading her stuff not to break it. Pinky and his men come there. Her mum gets angry seeing him. Guneet asks her to forgive him. Guneet’s mum tells Pinky that she is forgiving him. She waves bye. Guneet looks at her house and sits down. Guneet drives the car and asks her mum to maintain her patience else they will not get the house.

Amber asks Shanti to work with honesty and tells that no scratch shall come. He asks Upadhya to cover the door and tells that he don’t want any scratch. He asks where is Nia? Upadhya says she is not picking the call. Nia and Kabir are busy in a meeting. Amber gets his house stuff covered. Nia checks her phone. Shukla tells his wife that it seems Sharma has kept the tenant. He says it seems Nia kept it. Shukla’s wife tells that they might go to their house. Guneet comes in her car and hits the small gate. Shukla says Sharma will play their band now.

Guneet gets down from the car and tries to fix the small gate. Amber comes out and sees her. Guneet looks at him. Song plays…..He smiles and says you have come. Guneet says yes. Amber says Nia haven’t reached home, so I will call her. Guneet asks if he means that they can’t enter until Nia comes. Just then the gate door falls. Amber is shocked and looks at Guneet.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Amber asks Guneet’s mum not to use his kitchen. He says this is my house. She says this is my house too. Nia hears Guneet’s mum telling her that she did right to shift in this house and hopes Amber sells his house and go with Nia. Guneet says we have to be patient for that. Nia hears them.


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