Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th January 2020 Episode Start With  Pummy calling Shanti to give her Prasad. Amber sees Nia and tells Pummy that they need peace of mind and soul. He says I wanted to apologize to you for my bad behavior. Pummy asks if his memory is lost and asks Nia. Amber says Nia had told me that you made Pulao recently. He says it was good. Pummy thinks he is fine. Amber says he will call neighbors and will make them eat food made by his hands. He asks Nia to go for one year, 2 year and says now I have understood that the neighbors are good. Nia says I have understood your acting. Pummy says I was thinking how did he get better? Amber says I did a bad acting, but try to understand my feelings. Nia says I have decided not to go anywhere.

Guneet gets invitation card. Pummy reads it and tells that someone is about to get second child. She feels bad as Guneet is still unmarried. Guneet says it is truth that you didn’t like any guy. Pummy says we will tell the relative that your alliance is about to fix. Amber gets up and tries to walk. Nia watches the video and gets teary eyes seeing Amber and Anjali’s pic. Amber tells anjali’s pic that their daughter is stubborn, but he will send her back to America.

Nia talks to Anjali’s pic and says she don’t want to give her place to anyone, but may be someone comes and makes her own place in his life.

Guneet talks to Nia. Nia tells that she imagined dad’s dance in Salsa dance academy. Amber and his dance partner are shown doing Salsa. After the dance, Amber dances in his usual self. Imagination ends. Guneet says he will break his partner’s head and laughs. Nia says I started imagining Dad playing badminton. The lady tells Amber that she wants to befriend him. He says first win then I will think. Song plays….Guneet says you didn’t think what is so obvious. She says KK was found on the dating App. Nia says it is impossible to send Dad on date. Guneet asks her to make his profile. Nia says you are saying this after KK’s episode. Guneet says mistake is mine, I trusted and believed him. She asks her to make profile for Amber and says kids sometimes have to become parents of their parents. Kajal says Guneet ji is right. Nia says what I will tell Dad. Kajal asks her to tell him that she is searching girlfriend for him.

Kabir comes there and says I was about to call you. He asks when are you going back, have to tell Admin to book the tickets. Nia says I have decided not to go back. He is shocked. Nia says please understand dad problems. Kabir asks I should ask you these questions, I risked my education and career for you. I fought in this office and in US office so that they give you some time. He says you wants me to risk everything for you. Nia asks do you want me to go back for you. Kabir says do it for yourself, I am feeling bad for your dad, he will be fine, but your career will not be fine. You are doing professional suicide. Nia says if there will be choice between Dad and career, then Dad will be the first priority. She says she has realized that Dad is very alone. Kabir says I can’t help you anymore and asks her to close the door while leaving. Nia leaves.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Nia tells Amber that he needs life partner. Amber looks on shocked.


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