Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th September 2020 Episode starts with Guneet telling Amber that today she is very happy as Nia has accepted her. Amber tells that he is feeling unburdened a heavy load as they got Nia’s permission now. He says we were thinking to talk to her and convince her, but now everything is sorted. He holds her hand. Guneet asks if you are not scared now? Amber tells that his daughter knows and that’s enough for me. Guneet says my Mother doesn’t know about us. Amber says she will do my aarti.

Guneet says she might make you wear shoes garland. Amber asks shoes garland. Guneet laughs, kisses on his hand and runs to her house. Amber gets surprised and holds his hand. Guneet comes to Pammi and asks what happened, are you fine? You slept so early. She covers her with blanket and lies down on the bed. She thinks of Amber. Amber comes to his house holding his hand. Guneet smiles and blushes with shyness. Pammi is awake and was pretending to be sleeping. Nia thinks where is dad? Amber comes there. Nia asks where was you? She says Maasi had food and slept. Amber says let’s eat food. Nia looks at him hiding his hand and asks what happened to it. He begins eating. Nia asks him to wash his hands. Amber says he will not wash as Guneet had kissed on his hand.

Nia smiles and says she don’t want to hear the details. She asks Amber to call them back home. Amber says what I will tell her mother, to come and sit on my head as I fell in love with your daughter. Nia says you are sounding cute and asks what will happen next? Amber says he loved… She asks if he will live in or if he will date? Amber asks her not to shout and tells that live in doesn’t suit in this age. Nia asks them to run away and says Pammi aunty will come behind you both. Amber says he will not elope with Guneet.

Nia asks him to do something and asks until when he will climbed up the balcony, pastries etc. Amber says he thought to marry her. Nia says so you have decided. Amber says just now thought. Nia asks Amber to propose Guneet for marriage. Amber says if Guneet is not ready for marriage then? He says if she asks me to sit on my knees then I can’t do this. Nia asks how did you propose Maa? Amber says he had sent his Bau ji. Nia asks him to just go and propose her. He says he will think. Nia asks him to finish the dinner.

Guneet sees Pammi doing yoga and asks what happened? Pammi asks her to go and enjoy. Guneet holds her nose. Pammi asks what that cunning man was doing in our room. Guneet says he was not bad. Pammi says he had left his watch in our room. Guneet says she had called him to talk. Pammi asks what? Guneet says I wanted to talk to you, tells that she likes him. Pammi says just like him. Guneet says I love him. We both love each other. Pammi is shocked.

Amber practices to propose marriage to Guneet and asks himself to say it again. He says Guneet….will you marry me? Pammi asks if online guy was Amber? You left Anurag for him. She asks have you gone mad, you was waiting for marriage till 40 years and searched an old man having daughter of 24 years. Guneet says I love him and want to marry him. I want to live my life with him. Pammi says he has old age, his hairs are white and soon his teeth will fall. She asks how many days are left? She says you have to cry when he dies. Guneet asks her not to say this. Pammi says pull my tongue now. She calls Sweety and asks if Anurag got married. She then comes to know that Anurag is getting married to Sweety’s daughter. Guneet ends the call and asks what are you doing. Pammi says she is having a bad destiny to give her birth. Amber comes there and says she has thought of you and that’s why she is single now. Pammi calls him old man and blames him for provoking her. Amber says yes, I am. but if you tell anything against her, then I will not bear. Pammi asks what you will do, will you beat me? Amber says I will not beat you, as you are Guneet’s mother. Guneet asks them to stop fighting. Pammi asks him to say…..He says I have words to tell you also…and calls her moti. Pammi says Nanga…Amber finds himself not wearing pant and just shorts. Guneet laughs. Nia thinks what did Dad wear as Pant is here. Amber says yes, I am nanga, but nanga by body, but not by intentions. Pammi asks did you see your face and tells that your teeth will fall down soon. She says you have trapped my daughter. Amber says I love you. Pammi says my daughter will get good guy. Amber says she would have got him before. Nia comes there and sees them fighting. Guneet asks Nia to handle Amber. Nia takes Amber from there. Pammi tells Guneet that Amber will leave her and her heart will break again.

Amber and Nia come back home. He says that’s why I was not going. I have to come back without pant. Nia says there was nobody in the lane and shorts are looking good. She says she will talk to Guneet. Amber asks her to propose Guneet on his behalf. Nia calls Guneet and tells that Dad didn’t mean that. Guneet tells something. Nia says ok and gets upset. Amber asks what did she say? Nia says she said that she can’t take this relation forward and that’s why want to end everything right here. Amber asks if she will not talk to him. Nia says she has called you in office within half an hour. Amber says I will not wear this pant and blames it for everything. Amber and Nia come to Anjani tours and travels office. Nia says you have worn same pant. Amber says other pant was not pressed. Nia gets down from the car and asks Amber to come out. Amber comes out. Nia looks at Amber with sad expressions. Amber looks sad. Yeh pyaar hame kis mod pe….plays…..Nia asks Amber to step the right leg inside, says may be everything will become fine. Amber looks at the decorations in his office and gets surprised. Nia looks at him. Guneet comes there and keeps the bouquet. Nia and Guneet smile looking at each other. Amber is still shocked. Guneet comes to Amber and buttons his kurta. She says you couldn’t propose…don’t worry…I will…and smiles.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Nia dances with Manjiri and Kajal and plays band baja. She calls Pammi as bride’s mother. Pammi asks who is the bride?


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