Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 8th September 2020 Episode starts with Guneet asking Amber if he couldn’t propose her. She says I am here. Amber says what about Pammi mummy? Guneet says if we want to stay together then who shall agree, I or her. She says if she agrees then it will be good else will we separate? Nia says I will give space to both of you. Guneet asks her to be there and tells that she wants to talk to her also. She tells that a year back, I did a big mistake, a bad person came in my life and stolen my everything. I used to think how can I be fool to let this happen, and says today she is happy that he had come in her life, and says if he had not run away with her money, then she wouldn’t have gone to Wenet..and haven’t come here. She says if I meet KK then I will thank him with a hug for betraying me. Amber says no and laughs. Guneet shows him a ring. Nia says I will go and smiles. Guneet asks her to stay back and bends down on her knees. She asks Nia Sharma and Amber Sharma, will I get place in your lives and home. She says I don’t know how our lives will be in future, but I am sure that if we stay altogether than can face any problem. She asks Amber and Nia, if they will accept her. Amber bends down on his knees and tells Nia that they have come empty handed. Nia sits with them and shows the ring. Amber says you didn’t tell me about your arrangements. Nia makes each other wear ring. Song plays…..Nia and Guneet hug each other. Amber smiles. Ek dusre…se…plays…Guneet pulls Amber for a group hug. Nia pushes Amber and Guneet closer and says my work is done. Amber asks what about that full stop. Guneet says she is my Maa? Amber says metaphor…Guneet says we have to convince her.

Next day, Nia’s friends come home. Kajal says we didn’t hope this with you both. Kabir says even we don’t hope this. Nia comes and asks why you both are pulling dad’s feet. Everyone congratulates Amber and Guneet. Nia says nobody is congratulating me.

Kabir wishes Nia and says finally you have found your dad ki dulhan. Nia says finally. She comes to Swara asks if she will not congratulate her. Swara says congratulations. Nia hugs her. Kabir asks if they patched up. Nia asks Shri and Kajal if they are ready with arrangements. Amber asks what? Nia says mummy Patao mission. Manjiri says Pammi will agree by evening. Amber says her mother is arrogant and egoistic. Guneet says what did you say? She says it is difficult to convince her. Nia wears band cap while her friends Kabir and shri play the dhol. Kajal, Swara, and Nia dance outside Amber’s house. Nia asks if bride’s mother is at her place. Pammi asks who is marrying here? Nia congratulates her and calls her bride’s mother. Pammi says she didn’t agree for marriage and asks them to go. Nia asks if she didn’t want to be called as a bride’s mother. Pammi tells that I will not get her daughter married to a guy, who is equivalent to my age. She comes down. Nia tells that both of them love each other and age doesn’t matter. She asks her to give her daughter’s hand in her dad’s hand. She says she brought shagun. Manjiri asks Pammi to agree and tells that age doesn’t matter these days. Kabir also asks her to agree. Nia makes Pammi wear the dupatta. Pammi takes it out and tells that she has never seen a daughter taking father’s alliance. She says your father is arrogant and burdened his responsibility on you. She says everyone is saying this. Guneet comes to Pammi and asks what are you saying? Pammi says did you forget what he had done with us when we came here. She says Amber is an arrogant and selfish man. Nia tells that she will not hear anything against her dad. Amber asks Nia not to say anything and come with her. Nia says I will convince her.

Amber goes home sadly and thinks of Pammi’s words. Guneet says you had no objection when you want to return to his house. Pammi says I want to go back as her tenant. Guneet says Nia understood, but not you. Pammi says I am your mother and can’t see you marrying an elderly man. She says Nia is not objecting as her father’s life is getting settled. She says if she decided to marry him then she will go away from her life.

Kabir, and Shri asks Nia how is uncle? Nia says Dad never reacted this way. Kajal says I will not leave Pammi uncle. Shri says leave it, what will happen with fight. Nia says we shall think to cheer him up. Kabir says we shall give him coffee and make him hear kishore kumar’s songs. Nia says he will get sad with the songs. She tells that they shall make cake for him. Kajal says he will spit his anger. Nia asks Swara to come. Swara says she will put her phone on charging and come. Kajal asks what is going on? Nia says right now she is focused on dad and tells that this is reality, looks at Swara and Kabir. Guneet comes to amber’s window and asks if her mother is a headache. He gets surprised and says I have door in my house. Guneet says this is romantic. Amber helps her come down in his room. Guneet holds her waist in pain.


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Nia asks Pammi if she is scared of Guneet’s life after marriage. She says I am scared that Guneet can’t match up to my dad’s love and asks her to agree. Kabir asks Pammi to agree.


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