Mere Sai 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 10th June 2022 Balvant says to Kulkarni, how did Sai know I will lose important paper and my work won’t be done. Kulkarni says Sai has been doing this since long. Balvant says if some villager finds it, it would be bad, they will find out they are cheated. Sadashiv says I have found that you have cheated.

Balvant says how dare you ask me question, it doesn’t matter how much I sell the land in. Sadashiv says because my commission was based on profit and I will take my money today itself. Kulkarni and Balvant start laughing.

Kulkarni says to Sadashiv, I have done everything and you did nothing, just a little drama and you want comission. Sadashiv says I knew you will cheat but now I have proof. Kulkarni says what will you do,

its a British approval. Sadashiv says I will tell everyone your truth. Balvant says yes go ahead, people have sold land to you and not us they never trusted us and you broke their trust, go tell the truth and loose your life.

Kulkarni snatches the letter from Sadashiv. Sadashiv says I really need some money please help. Balvant says, Kulkarni he is begging give him some money. Kulkarni gives him 50₹ and says this is all you get. Balvant and Kulkarni mock him. Sadashiv leaves in anger.

Balvant says to Kulkarni, I don’t trust Sadashiv, what if he tells everyone truth. Kulkarni says don’t worry I have taken care of that.A villager rushes to Sai for help, saying his son fell unconscious. Sai says you go, I will come after cutting this grass, its important and I promise nothing will happen to anyone in Shirdi.

Villagers who sold land to Sadashiv chilling. Few people walk to them enquiring about Sadashiv and tell th Sadashiv fooled them in name of mills, bought their lands for 2500/acre and sold ot to Britishers at 5000/acre and ranaway.

Santa Banta get the man who tried to steal Sadashiv when he came to Shirdi. Chandu recognises him and tells others about him. Thief tells everyone he was paid by Sadashiv to full them. People ask Shirdi people did they sell land to Sadashiv in name of mill and job. Shirdi people get furious.

Sai walks to the man’s house, whose son is unconscious. Sai asks the father to step aside and examines the place and arranges grass near him.

Subhadra sees Mira restless and asks what’s wrong. Mira says I am very scared. Subhadra says come lets visit Sai. Sadashiv thinks about Mira and Sai and how Kulkarni and Balvant cheated on his way back.

Sadashiv sees villagers angry walk towards him. Sudama says I gave you place in my house, treated like a brother and you cheated on us, fooled us in name of Sai. Sadashiv has bad throat and unable to speak.Mira steps in apologies to villagers and ask them to spare his life. Sadashiv thinks she is still praying for me.

Sai lights the dry grass. Villagers about to charge on Sadashiv, their path gets light by fire.
Sons father ask why did he light the grass. Sai says the kid has high fever and this fire will make him sweaty and fever will come down. The kid wakes up. Sai says make him rest.

Sudama says nothing can stop us from hitting Sadashiv. Sai stops them, he walks through the fire and it goes off. Sai says you all want to kill Sadashiv right, everyone says yes he fooled us and he even topk advantage of our devotion we will teach him a lesson. Bhiva sees crowd and rushes to them.

Sai says okay I won’t stop you all, do whatever you want, go ahead and hit him. Sudama and other villagers steps forward. Sai says there is one condition you all have to agree, first Sadashiv will be hit by someone who didn’t sell the land in greed.

Sai says Sudama, many girls got married here and with simplicity but you for sake of your greed sold the land. Sai asks all Village what did the benefit by selling lands, and Sadashiv is at fault but he could do because you all were greedy and now it’s your decision choose violence or choose forgiveness.

Sadashiv in tears and thinks I took advantage if Sai but he is still saving me.
Sudama says to Sai, we will forgive him but what about our loss and why should my daughter suffer because of me. Sai says look Sadashiv you stayed with them, and now Laxmi who calls you uncle is facing such big problem and you will never forgive yourself for ruining Laxmi’s life, you broke all their trust and hope, what would you say.

Sadashiv in tears, Mira rushes to Sai and says he can’t speak Sai. Sai says to Mira, I told you evil never wins but truth always wins, try to speak the truth Sadashiv. Sadashiv tries hard to speak and says Sai. Mira thanks Sai fir giving Sadashiv his voice back.

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Mere Sai 11th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai gives Bhiva a coin and says its the coin of prosperity keep it in pooja ghar and then give it to Laxmi.Sudama gives money to groom for horse cart. Sai says to Sudama, I gave Bhiva a coin its in pooja ghar go get it. Sudama says okay


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