Mere Sai 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 11th September 2019 Episode Start With A woman gets tensed seeing black cat and says it is abshagun/inauspicious. Sai says it is all superstition made by human and asks what is cat doing. Woman says cat cleaning itself. Sai says hygiene is the key for health; like she said she did not bathe her son as it rained last night and environment is chilly and she did not change his clothes also; if she had changed his clothes, pebble wouldn’t have hurt her son. Lady realizes value of cleanliness and hygiene and promises to remember his advice always.

Kulkarni travels on his palanquin to meet British officer while Panta clears path on the way. He thinks he is a backbone of British government in this area and everyone has to obey him. He sees black cat and stopping palanquin yells at his employees for ignoring black cat and getting abshagun on him, orders to kill cat. Employees try to hit cat when Sai enters and stops them. Kulkarni asks if this cat belongs to him.

Sai nods yes. Kulkarni says it should be as both are troublesome and continues yelling that he is trying to take over him and broke age old ritual of janmastami festival at Kulkarni wada and kept it at Dwarkamayi. Sai says change is only thing constant in this world and he should accept change. Kulkarni yells to give the cat to his people. Sai says there is a big problem coming and he should be ready to help his people without any greed. Panta says he is going to meet British officers and shouldn’t do further abshagun by killing cat.

Kulkarni meets British officer who informs him about the epidemic spreading from Bambai to village all around, its incurable nature, to arrange a vast rehabilitation center for patients to live there till they die, etc., and British government will reward Kulkarni with medal and cash price if he can help control epidemic. Kulkarni gets greedy thinking if people die, he can grab their land and even get British government’s reward. He promises officer to follow British government’s order and leaves.

Sai while watering plants calls black cat and asks if wants to say something. Cat tells him about epidemic spread. Sai says he sensed about it already and don’t know how to help Shirdi people.

Kulkarni hears Panta telling guard to keep an eye on patients and make sure they don’t reach Dwarkamayi, orders to announce that he has treatment for epidemic and once people come, he will judge their financial status and loot rich people till they get poor and then throw them in rehabilitation center and will throw poor directly there. Panta walks to village circle and gathering villagers announces that a big epidemic has spread in Mumbai and 1000s of people are dying each day, it may spread even here. Bhima says Bambai is far away from here. Panta says people travel from there to here. Bhima says Sai is there to help them. Panta says it is waste to explain poor people and praising sait Gangaram says everyone needs to inform about any ill person to Kulkarni who will treat them. Gangaram says they all will follow Kulkarni’s order.

Govinda returns home with high fever and severe stomachache. Chihu tai worriedly applies cold water compresses on his forehead and rushes out to meet Sai.


Mere Sai 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sai asks ill man if he is fine. Man says he had spicy food, so he is feeling uneasy. Chihu tai searches for Sai.


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