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Mere Sai 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 11th September 2020 Sai sees people carrying water in buckets and rushing towards a burning shop. Shop owner pleads to save his shop. Sai stops men from pouring water on fire and says this fire will not set off like this and asks to get dry sand. Shop owner thinks what is Sai doing and hopes his stop doesn’t burn completely. Babu informs his parents that he wants to visit Mumbai for 1-2 days. Tendulkar asks reason. Babu says he left 2-3 important books at home and needs to bring them, asks his mother to pack her prepared laddoos also. Men set off fire with dry sand. Shop owner thanks Sai for his suggestion. A man asks when fire can be set off with water, why did he suggest dry sand. Sai says they should evaluate the reason first; in this case, fire was set due to oil present in shop; if water mixes in oil, oil will burn more, so sand had to be used here. Everyone present there thank sai.

Sai walks towards pond and seeing Anandi apologizes her for coming late. Anandi says its okay. Sai gives her medicine and says they need to clean this post as soon as possible. Anandi adds medicine in water and returns home where she sees her son Gopi crying. Amba says Gopi and Shyam were playing on swinger, it broke and they both fell down injuring themselves, but Damayanti took only her son Shyam in to apply medicine. Damayanti applies medicine to Shyam and bringing him out says now she will apply medicine to Gopi. She applies him medicine saying they both have become mischievous. Anandi asks when both are injured, why did she take only Shyam in. Damayanti says she knows how Shyam overreacts, she didn’t mean to differentiate between them. Anandi takes Gopi away saying she goes away leaving Gopi alone trusting only Damayanti, but.. anyways she will apply medicine to her son herself. Damayanti sits sadly.

On the other side, Sai reaches Dwarkamayi and sees Ragini digging ground to sow a plant. He asks what is she doing. She says she saw this pretty tree, so she pulled it out and brought it to sow here. Sai says this plant didn’t have deep roots, so she was able to bring it; if it had deep roots, plant would have died by now; similarly if a person is connected to his family and shouldn’t be separated, if done, family will shatter, etc. Ragini says he is right, she will replant it from where she plucked. She apologizes plant and leaves.

Amba meets Tejasvi and explains her today’s incident. An old lady walks in and says today is her grandson’s birthday and since she cannot afford new clothes, she had requested Rukmini to spare Prahlad’s old clothes, Rukmini asked to take clothes from Tejasvi. Amba gives sweets to old lady and asks to give it to her grandson. Lady thanks her. Tejasvi gives her money to buy new clothes. Lady thanks and blessing them walks away happily. Tejasvi tells Amba that she loves kids, what about her. Amba say even she loves kids and hopes even she had a kid. Tejasvi provokes her that she is childless, so her sister-in-laws/bhabhis doesn’t respect or trust her, they made her do all the work except children’s; she knows them well, they thinking they are superior to her as they have kids and huband, she is just fit to be a servant, so she should teach them a lesson by separating them by creating a rift between them.

Amba returns home and seeing Anandi’s father Vishwanath greets him. Vishwanath asks when did she come. Amba greets father and says if he had informed earlier, she would have prepared feast for him. He says he attended wedding in the nearby village and came to meet them, he wants to visit Khandoba temple with Amba. Godavari says it is a good idea. Anandi asks Damayanti if she should go. Damayanti says she will handle all the work and Anandi can go with her father. Father gifts his mango trees’ mangoes. Anandi happily takes basket and keeps it aside. Amba thinks Anandi forgot morning’s incident so easily and looks at mango basket.

Krishna with her Aaji visits Sai and informs him that Aaji is overeating feast now a days and not looking after her health. Aaji says Vaishnavi is preparing feast each day, so he overate a bit. Krishna says Aaji is having stomachache since yesterday. Sai looks at fire pit and sees Babu in cart heading towards Mumbai and apologizing Sai for not listening to him. He mixes oodhi in water and gives it to Aaji. Aaji consumes oodi water and says she will get well soon. Sai tells Aaji/Durgatai that mind is very adamant and insists to do what it likes, but when a well wisher stops her, she should agree for her own goodness. He says usually people do something which will trouble them in the future. He asks Aaji that her whole family loves her and she should take care of herself at least for them. Aaji says she understood. Sai chants Ramji bhala kare.

At night, Godavari gets worried when Anandi and Trimbak don’t return. Chintamani informs that Trimbak went with Anandi and her father and told he will drop Anandi’s father till Shirdi border and then will return with Anandi. He asks Damayanti to pack his food as he is going to fields to protect crops from wild swines. Damayanti says he takes care of whole family and works hard, but he also should take care of himself. Chintamani says even Trimbak helps him and Anandi helps Damayanti at home. Damayanti says even then he should take care of himself. Gangadhar says Damayanti is right and asks to serve food for everyone. Shyam and Gopi insist to have mangoes. Damayanti says Vishwanath kaka brought them for Trimbak. Godavari says Trimbak would share mangoes with kids. Damayanti says kaka brought only 8 mangoes not knowing about Amba’s presence, so she will distribute mangoes and will share half mango with Anandi. Godavari says she and Anandi will share mango, Damayanti should have full mango. Amba gets jeaolous seeing Godavari ‘s love for Anandi and thinks she will destory this family for sure.

Tatya meets Sai and informs that farmers are guarding crops from wild swines, so he came to meet him before going. Sai looks at fire pit. Tatya asks what is he looking at. Sai says someone unnecessary fear. Tatya informs that he saw Babu leaving Shirdi today. Sai says he went to Mumbai to meet Abhayankar Guruji.


Mere Sai 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Trimbak and Chintamani fight and demand partition of house. Godavari and Govardhan plead Sai to stop this partition. Sai says he cant.


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