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Mere Sai 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 12th August 2020 Inebriated Kashinath ill treats Renu and falls asleep. Renu stands crying. Sai in Dwarkamayi looks tensed seeing this via his superpowers. Shyama, Mhalsapati and others discuss that this time they had good rain and agricultural growth. Sai asks whom does a person love most. Shyama says family. Sai smilingly nods no. Mhalsapati says god, Balasaheb says work. Sai nods no. Balasaheb asks to tell himself then. Sai says a person loves his habit/hobby the most; if he falls for good habit, his life will be good and if he falls for bad habit, he will ruin not only his life but also his family’s. Bua arrogantly thinks he is just blabbering, nothing like that is written in holy scriptures. Sai smiles hearing his mind.

Mhalsapati asks Sai that he knows bad habit will ruin one’s life, is there a good habit also? Sai tells them a story of father and son Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad, Prahlad was Vishnu devotee and his father Hiranyakashyap tried to stop him, hence god had to take Narsingh avatar to save Prahlad; the morale is if one develops good habit, even god helps him/her. Bua says what is he saying, there is mention of Prahlad and Hiranyakashyap in holy scriptures, but not about good or bad habit, where did he read about it. Sai says its in the book of life’s experience.

Renu cries seeing Kashinath’s condition and thinks she is married to him and cannot leave him at any cost and hopes god will change their lives. In the morning, Kashinath wakes up and sees Renu sleeping holding his hand. She wakes up and apologizes for oversleeping as she slept late last night, asks him to take bathe and freshen up while she prepares breakfast for him. He asks why her hair is crimpled. Renu walks away nervously.

Bua gets angry seeing children playing in Dwarkamayi and shouts at them to get out of here. Tatya stops him and says he cannot say this in Dwarkamayi. Bua says they are disturbing his holy scripture recitation and shouts at children to get out. Ragini says they will not. Bua tries to hit them, but Tatya stops him and says children are a form of god and he cannot hit them. Bua shouts they are disturbing him from remembering god, even Sai doesn’t recite holy scripture, so Tatya won’t be knowing about all this. Sai walks in. Bua complains. Sai asks children to go out and play. Tatya tells Sai this the first time he sent children out of Dwarkamayi. Sai says when someone is trying to find god, they shouldn’t disturb him.

Kashinath gets ready and asks Renu about Bhola. Renu says he is playing outside. Ballal kaka with Mureshwar comes and angrily calls Kashinath out. He scolds him for insulting elder brother. A man says its not surprising as he saw Kashinath insulting even Mhalsapati last night. Mhalsapati passes by. Ballal kaka calls him and asks him to tell what Kashinath did last night. Mhalsapati says he forgot about it last night itself, so even he should foret. Ballal kaka gives him god’s promise and asks to tell whole story in detail. Mhalsapati explains how Kashinath insisted to perform Khandoba’s yearly pooja. Ballal says an alcoholic cannot take god’s name with his dirty mouth, forget performing pooja; he will disown Kashinath from today. Sai stops him and asks if he tried to change Kashinath with love. Ballal kaka says he tried everything, but Kashinath didn’t change, he is fit for nothing and is not his son from hereon; Mureshwar will perform this year’s pooja. Kashinath walks away fuming. His boss stops him and asks why didn’t he come for work. Kashinath yells at him and walks away. He reaches arrack shop. Owner asks why did he come so early. Kashinath yells its none of his business and gulps alcohol reminiscing his father insulting him.


Mere Sai 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Renu asks Sai what is in inebriation that a person forgets even his family. Sai says its a support for alcoholics, which they use to run away from responsibilities.


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