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Mere Sai 12th July 2022 Sai says to Kamla, he will adjust in verandah out and asks where is your husband. She says he is out for some work. Sai says no worries and I am very hungry can I get some food. Kamla thinks she has nothing in the house how will she feed Sai now.

Santa Banta give Kulkarni the bowl, Sai use to beg in and says this is that beggars bowl, Kulkarni happy gives them money and they leave.Keshav and Balvant walk in and Keshav asks Balvant for bonus, Kulkarni asks Keshav when he lives here why does he need money, and not as son but as a partner in mill I need answer, Balvant leaves.

Keshav says for getting gift, Tejasvini says wow for me, Keshav says Prahlad insisted and even I want to for Sai and leaves. Tejasvini stops him and says make sure you cover the gift. Keshav says I don’t believe in superstitious.

Tejasvini says atleast do something I say, Keshav says okay and leaves. Kulkarni says to Tejasvini how dare you accept this, Tejasvini says he would never listen, so I will play a trick.

Kamla apologies to Sai says we don’t have any food left, Sai says but all these boxes are full of grains, Kamla says no they are empty, Sai says they are full, Kamla says why would I lie this is why I didn’t want to get you here and opens the box and shocked to see all filled with grains. Manohar walks in.

Mill has lunch break, Sharad tries to talk to Bhiva and Chandu for lunch but they ignore him and leave. Supervisor walks to him and asks what did you bring today smells delicious, just like how my mother cooked and praises Vaishali after testing it and says I know your friends are upset because you are doing overtime and not helping in guru purnima but remember when you climb success ladder people show their true colours, and soon you will be very successful even more than me.

Sharad says I want to how can I, Supervisor says do me a favor convince others to work with you on Guru Purnima, I will pay you overtime and comission too. Sharad says I will definitely try, I will convince others but Bhiva and Chandu look difficult, Supervisor says no worries you convince as many as you can.

Manohar sees Sai playing with his son and asks Kamla why did you bring this man here, Kamla says he is Shirdi’s Sai Baba, and I have seen his magical powers he saved Dinanath and look he gave us grains too. Manohar says but he staying here is dangerous for us, what if he finds our secret, Kamla says I couldn’t help all forced so I had to get him and he is here for just one night, Manohar says okay just make sure he doesn’t find our truth.

Srikant visits Sharad’s house and meets Vaishali and tells her Vishwas has started lying now, he lied about doing his homework, he never lies but today during random check I found he hasn’t been working, Vaishali says but he sits everyday with books, his father used to help him because I am uneducated.

Srikant says Vishwas is bright student don’t let him get distracted, parents need to take care of kids too, do let Sharad know about it and leaves. Vaishali asks Vishwas why did he lie. Vishwas says even Baba lies how does it matter and leaves. Vaishali remembers Sai’s advice to take care of Vishwas.

Manohar wakes up at night and sees Sai isn’t outside, he wakes Kamla, and says Sai is missing did he find our secret and goes check outside, he sees a door closed but hears some noise from inside and goes check inside, he sees Sai sitting with a tiger cub and shocked on how Sai enter a locked room.

Keshav on bullock cart, sees Tatya and stops, he asks cart to go Dwarka Mai, and helps Tatya carry flowers. Tatya asks what did he get, Keshav says got something for Sai, Keshav thinks he had to hide things from Tatya because Prahlad wants it. Tatya thinks why is Keshav hiding things.

Sai asks Manohar what is a tiger cub doing in his house. Manohar says its none of your business, Sai says it is because of humanity and you stole this cub and this is why the tigress is attacking, today Dinanath is just injured tomorrow there could be death and could be even from your family, you have time before things worsen let him go.

Manohar says you have no idea why I did this, we won’t get grains magically like you did and to serve my family I will have to do this, sell this cub to rich man. Sai says you will earn money but what about peace. Manohar says please leave and don’t let anyone know about this.

Kamla says to Manohar he helped us how can you treat him like this. Sai says I came here to tell you the consequences next you handle and leaves. Kamla tries to stop Manohar, Manohar says the person who wants to buy is no other than Shirdi’s head Kulkarni, I will sell it to him abd earn money.

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