Mere Sai 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 12th September 2022 Kulkarni asks Santa Banta to keep an eye on Satyeshwar Maharaj. Balvant says to him always don’t keep running behind profit, sometimes be happy with your problem getting rid, wasting time behind Satyeshwar is of no use we should focus on mill because our profit is reduced because all workers are back.

Kulkarni says I am head of this village and Satyeshwar has insulted me. Balvant says to him, why bother on barking dog and can’t you see he is taking people away from Sai and we have to do nothing about it.

Santa Banta ask should we keep an eye or him or we shouldn’t. Kulkarni says I won’t leave Satyeshwar I don’t forget insults, and I am sure he has some negative past and definitely some weakness and once we find that he will fall in our feet and beg for forgiveness and then with his help we will through Sai out of this village.

Malhar’s parents in front of Sai in tears tell about Malhar’s decision, they say if he doesn’t care about us even we don’t, my cattles don’t milk without Malhars flute what will we do how how will we survive.

Malhar introduces Rajkiran, Ankur and Bhagyashree to Satyeshwar, he calls Rajkiran ahead and says Malhar showed me your toys I have never seen such beautiful sculpture you are great. Rajkiran gets excited.

Satyeshwar says if you were part of Prem Nagar I would have put your sculptures everywhere but for now I will keep this one in some good place. Rajkiran says I want to be Prem Sainik and I want to build Gods idol and now you are my God and will build a big sculpture infront of Prem Nagar. Satyeshwar says not required. Malhar says we insist. Satyeshwar says welcome to Prem Sena.

Sai says to cattles I know even you are upset because Malhar left and feeds them.

Satyeshwar calls Ankur next and says I heard you lost your cattles why didn’t you come to me for help. Ankur says why will you help me. Malhar says this is why Maharaj is great and look we all found your cattles.

Ankur very happy and thanks Satyeshwar. Malhar tells Ankur wants to do some big business. Satyeshwar asks him to sell milk in Prem Sena and he will earn a lot and in our Prem Sena everyone’s dream come true and all live happily here. Ankur very happy and agrees to join Prem Sena. Ankur and Rajkiran go get ready to enter Prem Sena.

Bhagyashree and her mother walk to Satyeshwar Maharaj. Her mother asks Maharaj what should she do. Satyeshwar says something you never thought.
Sai feeds cattle and they give milk. Malhar’s parents very happy.

Satyeshwar says to Bhagyashree, people have insulted you a lot, why didn’t you show them your place no one is big or small, everyone is equal and I see you have cooking talent and so I want to offer you job of a cook here and will be paid as you want but you will have to be part of our Prem Sena and never marry.

Bhagyashree stops Maharaj and says she wants to see her get married, Satyeshwar says why but first live as per your parents wish and then someone unknown, marriage is like a trap for women they become slave to in laws family, do you want to be independent or be a slave choice is yours.

Bhagyashree says my marriage is my parents wish. Satyeshwar says because they think you are a burden, and so join Prem Sena and get the love you always longed for. Bhagyashree’s mother gets upset and says stop feeding my daughter’s brains.

Bhagyashree stops her and says may be what you are doing is right Maharaj but I am not a girl who will give up on her parents and I have seen, many girls have become independent with Sai’s blessings and I am not scared of hurdles and leaves. Satyeshwar thinks soon Bhagyashree will join us, and asks Nima to keep an eye on her.

Ankur and Rajkiran are welcomed to Prem Sena. Bhagyashree and her mother see that and get angry, they leave.Malhar’s parents thank Sai. Sai says thank the cow and not me. Rajeshwar asks Sai will his son Malhar ever return, Sai eays have faith in God and all will be fine.

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Mere Sai 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhagyashree’s friends force her to join Prem Sena.Kulkarni asks Keval to join Prem Sena, it will be a big city of prosperity. Sai passing by says yes Keval he is right.


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