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Mere Sai 13th January 2022 Madhusudhan says I am your Pathirakha. How can I leave you alone? Gayatri asks Him what it means. He says like your elder brother. Let’s go home. Gayatri refuses. You are like them too. They will force me to get married.

He agrees to not send her against her wish. She makes him promise her. What about the bitter medicine? He jokes that he will surely feed it to her. It will be bitter than before. She smiles. They head back together.

Supaan comes to Dwarkamai with Sarkar and calls out for Sai. Latika asks Supaan about Gayatri. We met her the other day. She promised to come to school daily but hasn’t! Supaan asks Baizama about Sai. She shares that He has not returned from day before yesterday. We don’t know where He is. What happened? Sarkar asks Bela what promise Sai had taken from Gayatri. Bela tells him.

Sarkar asks Supaan if he still think his faith on Fakir is right. Hasn’t He instigated your daughter to run away? Baizama asks Supaan what has happened. Sarkar smiles. Fakir wants Gayatri to study. He has also taken that promise from Gayatri whereas Supaan wants her to get married. Entire village knows that Fakir leaves no stone unturned when He puts His mind to something.

Supaan dint let his daughter study so Fakir has helped her elope. Baizama tells him to give up on spreading rumours against Sai. It’s been so many years. He wont do any such thing. She asks Supaan how he can believe Sarkar when he knows Sai. Sarkar tells her not to play with Supaan’s feelings. Don’t you know that Fakir is against child marriage? Baizama nods. Sai is indeed against child marriage.

Getting them married at such an age is wrong. Kids cannot shoulder such responsibilities at a young age. Sai would have told you the same thing if He was here. He tells everyone what He likes or does not like on their face. Sai isn’t here since day before yesterday. Gayatri came to meet Him earlier. Supaan is surprised. She came here? Baizama nods. She is a lovely girl.

Sarkar tells Supaan he doesn’t even know what Gayatri was here. What other proof do you need? Fakir wanted you to send Gayatri to school earlier. He sent an educational officer to tempt you when you refused. His devotees kept giving you hint that He is against this wedding but now neither Fakir nor Gayatri are around. Most importantly, she came here to meet that Fakir before running away.

Open your eyes now! I am not saying that He has run away with her but all the facts hint that she was instigated to run away. How can He do this to a little girl? She has been instigated against her father. Baizama calls it a lie. Sai brings everyone on the right track. She turns to Supaan. You know Him. He saved your shop and home. How can you doubt Him? Let’s look for Gayatri together.

Sarkar says it seems as if you all are with Fakir on this. I wont let Him succeed this time. He has challenged the tradition and instigated my people. I will punish Him for His mistake. Tatya tells him to do anything. Why would Sai be afraid when He hasn’t done anything wrong? Sarkar asks them where He is then. He should come before us. I will send Him to jail otherwise.

He has become afraid. He wont come as He knows that He will be put behind bars for making a girl leave her home. Tatya insists that Sai isn’t afraid of anyone. Sarkar asks him where He is then. Baizama replies that’s ai hasn’t gone anywhere. He is in every corner. He is everywhere. Sarkar, Santa abd Banta are shocked to see Sai on His seat. Supaan notices Sarkar’s expressions and asks him what happened.

Sarkar points at the seat but Sai has disappeared. He shivers in shock. First it was Fakir and now His disciples have started doing black magic too. I am not wrong about this though. Baizama tells Supaan to ask himself if Sai can do this. Gayatri will be found. Sai has blessed her. He will save her. Supaan disagrees. I have understood that Sai and my definition of doing good for my daughter is different.

I will have to go against Sai this time to do the right thing for my daughter. Everyone else is taken aback. Supaan leaves with Sarkar. Tatya asks his mother what will happen now. Supaan isn’t ready to listen to anyone. Baizama says Sai always helps the ones He decides to help one way or another. Obstacles don’t bother Him.

Gayatri sings a bhajan while looking at Sai’s sketch. Madhusudhan / Sai looks on. It is time for your arrival, Ganu. Come soon.

Das Ganu is near Shirdi. I feel at peace the moment I am near Shirdi. It feels as if I am closer to Sai already. I am here now, Sai. Show me the path. He overhears Gayatri’s bhajan and is mesmerised. Who is worshipping Sai with such a beautiful voice and with such lovely words? He asks the driver to stop the cart. Driver says we haven’t reached Shirdi yet. Das Ganu nods. I think I have reached my destination though. He gets down.

Das Ganu follows Gayatri’s voice as if in a trance. Villagers look on. Sai looks at Das Ganu who is watching Gayatri mesmerised. He folds his hands. Gayatri asks him why he has folded his hands. You are elder to me. Das Ganu tells her that he hasn’t heard such a bhajan before. It seems as if you have been blessed by Ma Saraswati. Have you written it? You are very talented. Sai tells him that he has to

Two guests are at Supaan’s house. Chandu comes there. Supaan asks him if there is any news about Gayatri. Chandu denies. The guests tell Supaan he has brought shame to them. Supaan breaks down. I dint do anything wrong. I only wanted the best for my daughter. Why am I being punished like this? The guest says this wont help. What will you tell the groom’s family tomorrow? Supaan says I have no response.

Das Ganu folds his hands as Sai walks up to him. He shares His introduction. Das Ganu asks Him how He knows him. Sai tells him that He is Madhusudhan, a vaid. Das Ganu asks Him how he knows him. Sai says we have been created by the same God. We have met each other in one form or another once.

Das Ganu says Sai says something similar. Sai tells him to think that they have been tied together by Sai only. Who cannot recognize the voice that inculcates devotion in everyone? Das Ganu gives credit to Sai for where he is today. Gayatri asks him what he means. Das Ganu shares that he was bound by responsibilities. I had to work as a policeman when I really wanted to write bhajans. I wanted them to reach people. I had never thought that I will be able to do it but then Sai helped me get out of it. He gave me wings and I could make it my profession because of Him.

Gayatri says I want something like that too. Das Ganu assures her that no one can stop her from achieving her dreams. Don’t give up on them. Sai says she may be a diamond but she needs a Guru who can help spread her voice in the world. I want you to be her Guru. Das Ganu says her Guru will be really lucky but I am helpless. Sai has called me to Shirdi for some important work. I must go now.

I cannot overlook His order. I wont be able to teach her anything now. Gayatri begins to say something but Sai tells Das Ganu it is fine. Das Ganu tells Gayatri not to be disappointed as he is going for now. Talented disciples find their Guru without a doubt. He turns to go when Sai offers him water. Das Ganu drinks water. Om Sai plays.


Mere Sai 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Das Ganu is in Dwarkamai. Sai called me here but he isn’t here? What could it mean? Baizama says He might want you to find that out Himself. Please eat. Das Ganu looks at the pot of water. Shree Ram is written on it. He holds it closely. I have understood why you have called me here, Sai.


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