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Mere Sai 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 13th July 2022 Sharad reaches home and asks where is Vishwas. Vaishali says he is sleeping inside, Sharad says you have food I had it in mill. Vaishali says I have something important to talk, Sharad says not now I am tired. Vaishali tells him about Vishwas. Vaishali says this is wrong, you talk to him.

Vaishali says since you have started doing overtime he is changing, you will have to spend time with him and I am not literate I can’t understand. Sharad says what you want me to do, not work and sit here, I am doing everything for Vishwas and once he goes Mumbai he will be on right track and leaves.

Manohar packs the tiger cub and decides to go sell it to Kulkarni before someone sees him. Manhor’s son Munna insists on joining him. They hear tigers voice and gets scared. Manohar runs Mumma slips and falls down and tiger approaches him. Everyone tries to save him but are scared of tiger, Tiger about to attack Munna ,

stops seeing Sai. Villagers ask Sai to help them. Sai says only Manohar can help and asks Manohar how is he feeling seeing his kid being attacked abd this mother is also trying to express this. Manhor says I beg you Sai save my son, it was my fault. Sai says only you can save your kid, you know what you need to do. Manhor realises the cub. Tiger leaves with the cub. Kamla rushes to her son and hugs him.

Tejasvini sees Tatya’s wife in temple and says what should I tell Sandhya, Keshav is spending so much money in name of Sai, says he wants to gift Sai something expensive and better than others, so that he can be Sai’s favourite devotee, I wish I could stop him from doing this and all are upset with him.

Tejasvini says to Sandhya now all Sai’s devottee will fight on who will give Sai expensive gift, Keshav will fight with others and soon both Keshav and Prahlad will stop going Dwarka Mai.

Tatya’s wife Rambha tells Tatya whole village including Keshav are behind giving Sai expensive gift and even I want you to do something like this, Tatya says okay and thinks why is Keshav hiding things.

Tejasvini tells Keshav that she and Sandhya heard Rambha talk that Tatya is giving something expensive to Sai. Keshav says you won’t be able to create differences between us. Tejasvini says don’t believe me but believe what you see.

Santa Banta walk to Kulkarni with a jhola and says this is Sai’s and it has all the things Sai carries, Kulkarni sees inside and says I am very impressed with you two, I was dying to hear thid and from today your salary is doubled.

Baizmaa says to everyone at Dwarka Mai, quickly wrap up the work Sai can come anytime. Kulkarni says you all are mad because Sai died in the floods. Srikant says don’t you talk about Sai like this, Kulkarni says here are proofs and shows them. Everyone in shock after seeing this, Patil says what proof you have this is Sai’s.

Manohar apologies to whole village and Sai says he had to do this because he was fired. Head says you had endangered whole village, you could ask us for help but you were greedy, so leave the village. Manohar begs to not do this and asls Sai to help. Sai says head of the village is right why allow a greedy person stay.

Baizmaa says Sai is alive nothing has happened to him. Kulkarni says look like Baizmaa has gone mad. Baizmaa says I am mad at you but my motherly instinct says Sai is alive and don’t question that. Kulkarni laughs at her and says lets bait on it of Sai doesn’t return all mill workers will work on Guru Purnima,

Baizmaa says and if Sai returns you will come and wish him. Kulkarni says I will prefer to die. Keshav says then even we all devotees will die but not work in the mill. Kulkarni says okay let’s see tomorrow and leaves. Ragini adks Baizmaa is she sure Sai is alive. Baizmaa says yes I know Sai is fine..

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Mere Sai 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Patil asks Baizmaa to rest. Baizmaa says I won’t leave the temple till my Sai comes. Sai walks in.


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