Mere Sai 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 14th June 2022 Sudama apologise to Bhiva and says you sacrificed so much for your brother, I was blinded with greed, I made ao many wrong decisions. Bhiva hugs him. Laxmi’s engagement ceremony begins.

They take elders blessings and Sai’s blessings. Sai asks Bhiva to get the coin. Sai gives coin to Laxmi and blesses them. Mira thinking about Sadashiv and how he must be managing money.
Sai looks at Mira and smiles.

Sadashiv on his way to police station, Santa Banta stop him and say you left without meeting us, and Kulkarni Sarkar is very worried for you and he wants you to get rid if all your problems and calls men.

They surround Sadashiv with sticks, Sadashiv prays to Sai. Sai near a water heater and waves at the steam.The steam comes near Sadashiv and he gets a chance to escape.

Balvant worried sees Santa Banta and asks them did they finish the work. Santa Banta say we caught him but then from somewhere lot of smoke came and he ran away. Balvant says Kulkarni is right you two are useless. Balvant says if Sadashiv reaches police I will be in mess. Balvant sees smoke in his room, he starts coughing and sees Sai, he gets scared and runs away.

Balvant in jungle, he runs away but sees Sai again and gets scared and says you are my imagination, I am hallucinating you aren’t real and runsaway, he stumlbles while trying to run. Sai keeps following him and says who are you running from Balvant, me or yourself.

You cheated many innocents, you may runaway from everyone but not yourself and you are seeing me as your fear because you know you have cheated and you will keep running from yourself. Balvant says I won’t return money. Sai says its your decision, but be ready for consequences.

Sadashiv takes police to Kulkarni Vada, Police says you will be punished if these accusations are wrong. Sadashiv says I don’t fear all this. Sadashiv asks villagers where is everyone. They tell him, that Balvant has arranged a sabha. Police says to Balvant they want to talk to him,

Balvant says sure let me make announcement first and says my villagers are fooled by buying land at 2500 and selling at 5000 and I can’t see this and whoever has lost money, I will pay them. Villagers very happy chear for Balvant.
Balvant walks to Sadashiv and whispers, now no one will believe, I was part of all this.

Police tell Balvant about Sadashiv accusing him. Balvant asks why, Sadashiv says I take my complaint back and accept my crime, I was alone fooling people and says to Balvant I wanted justice for villagers and I have got that and even you failed so no one wins. Balvant says arrest him. Sadashiv says I am ready to come with me but let me take Sai’s blessing. Police deny, Balvant says let him meet Sai.

Sai in Dwarka Mai, Sadashiv arrives with police. Sadashiv walks to Sai and thanks Sai for saving his life. Mira arrives there. Sai praises Sadashiv for choosing the path of truth and says God will help you. Mira says God isn’t helping, look at him he choose path of truth and he os getting arrested,

why is he sent to jail when he has understood his mistake. Sadashiv says I have Sai’s blessings and nothing will happen to me. Mira says when will he come. Sai says I will talk to Kaka Saheb Dixit, he will fight Sadashiv’s case and when Sadashiv will retrun his child will ve waiting for him.

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