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Mere Sai 14th October 2020 Saraswati is walking away sadly.

Durpada, Manik and Bela come to Dwarkamai. Manik begins to tell Sai about Saraswati but Sai offers to take care of Bela. You both can go to find her. Durpada says it is true that you know everything. You would also know where she is. Please guide us. Sai says it is the test of your love. Nothing can stop you from reaching her and from being with her if you both really love her.

Saraswati thinks my loved ones dint trust me and I couldn’t cheat the ones I had gained in life. She collides with Bheeva. He apologizes to her. Are you fine? She nods. He offers to drop her to her home. Saraswati walks away. I am not destined to be with a family. Why am I running away and who am I running away from? I cannot bear it anymore. I must die!

Durpada and Manik are asking everyone about Saraswati but no one has seen her.

Bela asks Sai if Ajji will come back. Sai says your Ajji loves you just as much as you love her. Bela asks him why she left then. He replies that one must go away sometimes to come closer.

Bheeva tells Manik and Durpada that he saw an old lady going towards the well. They run towards it.

Saraswati peeks inside the well.

Sai says your Ajji took Ram ji with her. Ajji may not hear your plea but Ram ji surely will. Close your eyes and pray. Bela nods.

Saraswati keeps staring at the well. Om Sai plays. Saraswati keeps her bag aside. Sai notices a tear escaping Bela’s eyes and catches the teardrop in his palm.

Saraswati looks at Ram ji’s idol. Why is Ram ji crying? What happened to Him? She keeps wiping the tears off Ram ji’s face.

Manik and Durpada don’t see Saraswati around. They wonder where she could be.

Saraswati realises what she was going to do was wrong. How could I lose my faith on you? Please forgive me, Ram ji. She cries harder.

Sai smiles. Bela opens her eyes and wipes her tears. I have prayed to Ram ji. Ajji will come back now, right?

Saraswati sits on the ground holding Ram ji’s idol and cries. She looks up as she gets covered by some shadows and is shocked to see her son and DIL. How did you find me? I left your house on my own. Leave me alone! She asks them to leave.

Chandorkar ji and Radha ji are ready to head back. Radha ji asks her husband why he still doubts Sai. You saw everything with your own eyes. Chandorkar ji says it isn’t important that anyone who does magic is right. You want me to trust him on his word about last birth? He knows nothing about this birth! I don’t mind it if villagers believe him but I don’t. She says you don’t even trust me. I know you have achieved everything on your own and that’s why you trust yourself the most. Life becomes more meaningful when you learn to trust someone. Depending on someone is also strength sometimes. I depend on you and consider it as my strength. Everything hints at the fact that Sai is the person you should trust. He ends the discussion and sits in the cart. She wants to see Sai before leaving but he tells her that they must go home. Our daughter needs us. He hears someone calling his name and looks around in surprise. He hears that voice again. He starts walking towards the voice in a trance. Where are you, Aayi? Radha ji follows him in surprise. His Aayi died before we even got married.

Durpada and Manik don’t find Saraswati near the well. They get tensed thinking what if she jumped inside. The water is still inside. They heave a sigh of relief.

Saraswati’s son and DIL request her to hear them out. We have come here to take you home. They apologize for their past misdeeds. We lost everything once you left. We realised that you are the reason we were progressing. You used to look after the house and even the customers know you. They thought that I threw you out of the house when you left. No one wants to do business with us again. Come back with us. You can live however you want to. We wont say anything to you. We will be cautious from our end. They look at her arm worriedly.

Durpada asks her husband to find Aayi from somewhere. We have gotten used to her love now. We found a mother finally and we wont be able to live without her now. She cries. Manik looks on helplessly.

Saraswati says you could have said once that you missed me and that’s why you came to take me back. You came here for your own selfish reasons. I don’t want to come with you!

Sai starts cleaning the floor. He gathers the dirt in one place and blows it. Strong wind starts blowing near the well. Durpada and Manik notice the wind going in one direction and decide to go there.

Saraswati’s son threatens to expose her truth to everyone if she wont come with them. No one will ever let you stay with them! Durpada announces that Aayi will stay with them. Saraswati looks at her arm.

Sai tells Bela to rest now.

Radha ji tries to stop her husband but then wonders if this is some sign.

Bela asks Sai if Ajji will come back or not. Sai says someone said it ages ago that a mother makes people rich with her mere presence. Flashback shows a boy telling his mother that he got scholarship today. She is thankful that she got this news before leaving the world. He says you told me that you only have fever. You have spent your entire life working hard for me. It is my turn to take care of you. How will I live without you? She says a mother isn’t a person but an outlook. I may leave you but I will be with you in some way or other. A mother helps everyone with her mere presence. He is reluctant. How will I take care of you if you die now? She tells him to help any mother who is in need. Your help will reach me. Chandorkar ji asks Sai how he knows this. This was between me and my Aayi.

Saraswati’s son stops Manik and Durpada from intervening. This is our family matter. Saraswati warns him not to say anything to them. They considered me as their family, as their mother. They gave me love and respect. Durpada asks her why she is leaving them then. Saraswati’s DIL asks her if she even knows this Aayi’s truth. You will throw her out yourself if you will know what her truth is! Aayi was hiding truth from them and she is hiding it even now. Saraswati’s son exposes his mother’s arm. Saraswati cries. He asks Durpada and Manik if they will still take her home with them. Manik tells Saraswati it is true that she hid this from them. We considered you as our mother and you! We let you stay with us upon Sai’s askance. Now he will decide what is going to happen. He takes her to Dwarkamai. Saraswati’s son and DIL tag along. Saraswati thinks that even Manik changed after knowing this truth. This mark has distanced me from everyone.

Chandorkar ji asks Sai how he knows this. No one has heard it except me and Aayi. She died long ago. What’s happening, Sai? He sees his mother’s reflection in Sai and gets overwhelmed. Aayi? Radha ji looks at him in surprise. Chandorkar ji folds his hands and kneels down before Sai. Forgive me, Sai. I couldn’t recognize you. I made a very big mistake. Sai helps him stand up. You can help the society in a better way as a government officer Nana. You haven’t realised your capabilities yet. I have reminded you that only. You must start today. Your Aayi told you to help a needy mother and this will be like taking care of her. Chandorkar jia sks him what he should do. Sai says you will know when it’s time. Go to Shyama and tell him to bring vermilion now. Tell him to make sure that the knots are fine now. I think we will need it soon. Chandorkar ji leaves for Shyama’s place.


Mere Sai 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Saraswati’s son and Manik argue as to who should take Saraswati. They get into a heated argument but Sai stops them. Ask Saraswati Mayi what she wants. He asks her who she wants to stay with.


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