Mere Sai 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 14th September 2022 Bhagyashree gets angry seeing Damodar will be her husband and her mother okay with it, she takes her mother aside and asks her what nonsense is this. Her mother says he is from rich family,

you will rule in his house. Bhagyashree says he os my fathers age. Her mother says your kundali won’t get you married anywhere and I am your mother I won’t do anything wrong. Bhagyashree says I don’t want to marry him. Her mother says you won’t listen to that stupid Satyeshwar and also like your father left me,

he won’t and not a word more you will marry him thats final. Bhagyashree’s mother asks Damodar to put ring in Bhagyashree’s finger and get engaged. Bhagyashree says no and runsaway.

Bhagyashree remembers Sai’s words that he is always there for him and Satyeshwar’s words to get a job in Prem Sena.
Bhagyashree goes to Satyeshwar. Satyeshwar calls her inside. Bhagyashree says Maharaj I want to join Prem Sena. Satyeshwar says you are welcome in our Prem Sena.

Bhagyashree’s mother in Dwarka Mai along with others, She says to Sai in tears I just wanted to see my daughter settled whats my fault in it. Sai puts leaves in havan kundh and all start coughing due to the smoke and walk out. Sai puts off the smoke and all walk back inside. Sai says to everyone why did you all walk out,

Baizmaa says due to smoke, it was suffocating and so helpless we had to walk out. Sai says this is what happened with Bhagyashree, I tried to explain. She says I was scared and didn’t want Bhagyashree to go there. Sai says but this happened even when you tried because you made her feel that she is a burden.

Satyeshwar wakes up and sees guruji standing beside him, he chokes Satyeshwar with a rope. Satyeshwar wakes up and realises it is just a dream.
Satyeshwar walks outside and pour water over himself.

Sai says its not wrong to see your kids settle but its wrong to not consider their wishes and think only we can understand what is good for them, we make all arrangements for wedding but fail to prepare them or make them understand what the true importance of marriage is and instead of standing with Bhagyashree and against the society you took a wrong decision, let Bhagyashree grow and feel free and succeed.

Bhagyashree’s mother says I understood my mistake Sai but does this mean my mistake has taken my child away. Other parents ask Sai why did their kids or husband leave them for Satyeshwar. Patil says to Sai,

the situation is not good, people are quitting their responsibility and soon many will leave and then how will the old survive. Sai says have patience and faith and those who create imbalance will face imbalance, God isn’t happy with what is happening and will soon fix it.

Bhagyashree is welcomed in Prem Sena, Satyeshwar says now no one will treat you like you are a burden and now you will have to quit your family and society and consider Prem Sena as your only family, will you accept this. Bhagyashree says yes. Satyeshwar about to put mala in Bhagyashree’s neck,

Sai walks in and stops Satyeshwar. Satyeshwar says to Sai, Sai you are guru of many and I respect you but you can’t interfere in my personal work. Sai says here the matter is about a mother and daughter who will be separated for ever, her mother has understood her mistake and its daughters turn.

Bhagyashree says you know what Aai did. Sai says if she considered you unlucky, she would never think about your marriage or save for you, her decision was wrong and now she wants to fix it and will you break all ties for one mistake, this is not you, you know what your mother has gone through.

Bhagyashree remembers how she got her mother to Dwarka Mai so that her mother would rest when she was a kid and use to say to her mother that she will always take care of her mother even after when she gets married.

Sai says to Bhagyashree, I know that Bhagyashree who believes in change and respect rituals, loved her mother and understood her struggles too and if you don’t want to marry I will support you but you are taking this because you are scared just like your mother did.

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