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Mere Sai 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 15th July 2021 Kutubai is irked with people for meddling in her affairs every now and then. All this happened because of Sai today. If only I can meet Him once! Sai appears in front of her just then. You can curse me as much as you want if that makes you happy!

Bright light emanates from Sai in Dwarkamai.

Sai asks her if she felt peace after doing puja. It happens when you pray for someone’s happiness leaving your anger, especially when you pray for your loved ones. You always get the result of praying to God. Kutubai asks Him to leave her alone. I can make my own decisions. Why are you interfering in my life? Sai replies that he only wants to see Raghav happy. There are many kids in this world who don’t have a father in the first place. You can tell Raghav that he only needs to adjust to the circumstances. Sai says kids are a step ahead of their parents as they are from new generation. They may not have experience but they are smart. Raghav might look aloof and different but he understands the meaning of not having a dad around or not losing his dad permanently. Kids learn to live without their fathers in case they are no more. Those, whose parents fight for no reason or live separately, struggle a lot mentally. They become extra sensitive. I don’t want Raghav to go through that. I will keep trying till the time you will change your decisions. Kutubai tells Sai not to scare her. Leave me alone and go away. Sai does not budge so she begins to walk away. Sai warns her that that’s a wrong route. You will get lost. She walks away nonetheless. Sai smiles in Dwarkamai.

Chakranarayan is surprised to see Nanasaheb at his office. Nanasaheb says I want to stop you from making a very big mistake. People often misunderstand Sai. We can talk about it if you have any doubt. Chakranarayan smiles. He sent you to on His behalf? Nansaheb denies. He has no idea about it. He even told me against it but I made this decision on my own. You will still be able to save yourself if you will understand. Chakranarayan stays put. Nanasaheb tells him he will regret saying such mean things about Sai later. Chakranarayan tells him to understand that no Fakir distributes money like this. He will be proved innocent if He is indeed innocent. What surprises me is that people like you believe in and continue to vouch for such an imposter! Nanasaheb says you are insulting my Guru. Chakranarayan speaks against Sai again. Nanasaheb reminds him that he is senior to him. You very well know what I can do legally and rightfully. Chakranarayan challenges him. You can use your rank and I will continue to be an honest officer. Let there be an investigation if Sai is so pure. Maybe you all are equally afraid. Your faith might be hurt if His truth comes out. Nanasaheb smiles which puzzles Chakranarayan. Nansaheb says the path you are on will only take you closer to Sai. You will very soon realise who Sai realy is. He leaves. Chakranarayan tells him to get used to reality. It will be hard for you later otherwise.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai.

Kutubai keeps thinking about Sai’s words. She winces in pain as she collides with a stone on her way. She realises that she is lost and wonders where she is. She recalls Sai advising her not to go in that direction. I lost my senses in anger. Where is Shirdi? What should I do? She calls out for help as she continues walking. She falls on the ground tired. What should I do now? I don’t know the way out and I am tired. She prays for help. She hears the sound of anklet and turns. A lady is coming in her direction holding a pot of water. Kutubai requests her to give her some water. The lady apologizes politely. I walked 5 miles to get it. I cannot go back now. Kutubai requests her politely and offers her her jewellery. Please give me some water. I will never forget this favour. The lady refuses to accept the jewellery. Kutubai gives her more jewellery. It will help your family. I am only asking for water in return. The lady gives her water. Kutubai thanks her. Sai says you left your family for this jewellery but they became worthless in front of water today. She turns around and looks at Sai in shock. The lady disappears. Kutubai notices her jewellery on the ground.

Kutubai asks Sai about the woman. Sai says that’s not important but she gave you an important lesson before disappearing. You should always ask yourself 2 questions while living. What does your body need? What does your soul need? You will get all your answers if you will ask yourself these 2 questions every day. You can live your life without the jewellery and money that you have been chasing but living life without those who you left behind are priceless. Let me guide you now. Kutubai picks her jewellery and follows Sai. Sai points in the direction of her home. You will reach home soon. Don’t lose track now. She looks in that direction. Sai disappears by the time she turns in His direction again. Where did He go?

Sai opens His eyes in Dwarkamai. Bhujang notices it and decides to leave. Bhujang is leaving when Tatya and Keshav return. Tatya asks him to stay for the pravachan. Bhujang says it will take time. Tatya advises him to stay for the pravachan. You have come from far. Baizama calls everyone inside. Tatya calls it a sign. Let’s go.

Chakranarayan and Gautam are on their way to Dwarkamai with few policemen. Chakranarayan says we will use a balanced approach but take the required measures if things turn ugly. Gautam nods.

Sai says money isn’t bad. It is needed to survive but becoming greedy for money will only destroy people. Those who don’t use it rightly must answer Ram ji one day.

Sarkar meets Chakranarayan and Gautam on the way. You may need me there. Villagers can oppose you but not me. Chakranarayan nods. Let’s go.

Sai says everyone needs money but those who sell their conscience only get dirt. Bhujang is worried as Sai continues to glance at him every now and then.

Chakranarayan, Gautam, Sarkar reach Dwarkamai. Sai addresses Chakranarayan by his name and asks him to come. Chakranarayan is taken aback. Villagers look at the guests in confusion.


Mere Sai 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chakranarayan says we have heard that black money is hidden here. We must search this place. Gautam finds the bag planted by Bhujang. Chakranarayan asks everyone if it belongs to them. Tatya begins to say something when Sai says it belongs to Him.


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