Mere Sai 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 15th November 2021 Everyone is gathered in Dwarkamai. Champa whispers to Jhipri that she has been waiting for Sai to start pravachan. He is taking too long. Please ask Him. Tatya and Keshav look at each other. Jhipri asks Sai to start the pravachan. Kids will get hungry if we wait for too long. Sai shares that He is also waiting for Salim. Pravachan wont start till the time he is here. He sends Chandu to call Salim.

Srikanth says Sai has never called someone to attend the pravachan. He says that it is God’s treasure. Anyone can come and collect it. Why did He send someone especially today? Shyama looks equally confused.

Salim, his family and a few neighbours are enjoying listening to gramophone. A lady remarks that this was with Keshav earlier. Your status has increased now. Another man also says the same thing to Salim. You have become the pride of our locality. Salim notices Chandu and asks him to sit down and hear the music as well. Chandu praises it. I will come some other time to hear it. Sai has called you for pravachan.

Rihana realizes that it is time for pravachan. Everyone gets up but Salim is not keen to go. I am sure Sai will understand. Chandu shares that Sai has sent him here to bring him. He hasn’t started pravachan yet. Villagers are eager to go. They ask Salim if they can come back in evening to hear the music. Salim says I have missed it in the past too but Sai hasn’t waited for me in the past. Let’s go. We can meet again in evening.

Salim reaches Dwarkamai with everyone else. He apologizes to Sai for the delay. My brother brought gramophone as a gift for me. It took me some time to learn how to play it. Sai says may Ram ji give you the happiness of enjoying a new instrument and on how to use it properly. Bheeva and Bela’s father eagrly request for Salim’s permission to visit Salim. Salim agrees. Sai shares that they will hold bhandara a day after tomorrow. Everyone will give a fistful of grains and I want all of you to participate.

Sai starts the pravachan. It is about a kid named Bala. All eyes turn to Bala who shakes his head that it isn’t him. Sai seconds him. Bala got a new slingshot and he started roaming everywhere with it. They became synonyms for each other. Bala used to talk about it all the time so everyone got one for themselves. That’s how Bala’s slingshot became ordinary. People were also fed up of it as they used to hear about it all the time. His friends got pushed away and he even failed in his exams.

Rihana realizes that she forgot to lock the house as they left in a rush. Salim worries for his gramophone. Sai looks at them. Salim imagines someone barging into his house. They end up stealing his gramophone. He gets up and tells Sai that his house isn’t locked. Something expensive is kept at home. Srikanth tells him not to worry. Shirdi is a safe place. Salim says I will be at peace only after checking on it. He leaves.

Sai tells Rihana to go with Salim. Remind him that Kakasaheb has asked him to make 150 blankets. He has also given an advance for it. Rihana nods.

Sai replies that our love for something is good till the time it does not meddle with our responsibilities. Such passion only ends up hurting us otherwise.

Salim is relieved to see his gramophone as soon as he enters. Rihana and Ali notice him caressing it. Rihana asks him if this is what he was worried about. You left the pravachan in between especially when Sai had asked for you! Has anything been stolen from our house before? He reminds her that it was she who forgot to lock the house. It was your mistake. We had nothing like this before. It has added to my status and pride.

I must be careful now. Do you think Sarkar would ever leave his house unlocked? Rihana and Ali exchange a glance. Rihana asks her husband if he is comparing himself to Sarkar after getting this instrument. He tells her not to stretch the matter. Let me hear some music now that I am home. Rihana says it seems like Sai’s pravachan was for you today. He even called you to attend it.

Salim says you are only focusing on the pravachan. What about how he had complimented me? rihana asks him about the order from Kakasaheb. You forgot to tell me about it. He admits that it slipped out of his mind. We have good number of people who can help us. It isn’t something new. Gramophone is new. He gets lost in the music. Rihana and Ali look on worriedly.

At night, villagers enjoy listening to music at Salim’s house.

Sai is watching everyone in the dhuni. He looks at the person sitting nearby and packs udi for him. Drink it with water. You must avoid eating sweets as you have diabetes. The person replies that he has a sweet tooth. I wont be able to change this habit now. I don’t have enough willpower for it. Sai asks him to wait for him. I will be back in some time. He leaves.

Sarkar has put big lamps outside his house. He tells Keshav that he was sure that people wont be able to stop themselves from looking at our house. He notices Srikanth and a few other people coming there and boasts about it. Keshav greets them. Srikanth shares that they are on their way to Salim’s house. You should come as well. Keshav becomes emotional. I don’t have good memories with gramophone. It had separated me from Sai. Srikanth tells him to live in the present. Keshav agrees and goes with them. Sarkar fumes. Santa says we have heard that light travels faster than music but things are going in the opposite direction here.

Keshav calls out to Salim. Salim greets them but points out that there is no space inside. Keshav says there would be ample space for everyone if we move it outside. Salim agrees. I hadn’t thought about it. Bheeva offers to take it outside but Salim stops it. It is quite delicate so I will keep it myself. Rihana notices him looking at the gramophone sweetly as he picks it up.

Baizama reaches Dwarkamai but stops when she notices Sai sitting with someone. The person asks Sai about the paper. Sai shares that He got it from Kakasaheb. He is a lawyer. You can write your will on it. Kakasaheb will take care of the rest. The person is taken aback.


Mere Sai 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :A person invites Salim to come to his house with gramophone tomorrow. Salim agrees. Rihana reminds him that Sai has asked him to donate grains tomorrow. Salim asks her to go instead. Sai tells him against it. Are you backing out of your word now?


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