Mere Sai 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 15th September 2022 Sai asks Bhagyashree to wait for her right match and everything is possible and for that she will have to return to her mother. Satyeshwar says Bhagyashree Sai doesn’t have a resolution but I have and here is your first month salary, give it to your mother and all will be fine.

Bhagyashree walks to Sai and says Sai you are right, I was distracted my mother always took care of me, people kept accusing my mother because of me but she never left me and just because of one small mistake I was going to leave her.

Satyeshwar says marrying a old man is a huge mistake its a crime and if Sai is right you would have found your match by now you know how society thinks. Bhagyashree says my mother knows my worth and I don’t care about the society. Satyeshwar says but this money would help your mother. Bhagyashree says my love will help her and not this money, let’s go Sai.

Sai walks to Satyeshwar and others and say you all can come with me. Malhar and Ankur say we are happy here. Satyeshwar says you have your answer. Sai says even after knowing your family is waiting for you, you all are happy.

Satyeshwar says Sai you are trying to provoke my Prem Sena members and if Bhagyashree would have been part of our Sena if she would never go away. Sai says if Prem Sena is free than are they given freedom to live happily and meet and explore different options. Satyeshwar says no one wants to leave this place its full of happiness.

Prem Sena members say we don’t want to leave. Sai says if someone thinks they are trapped and wants my help do call me and I will be there for them even if someone tries to stop me and calls Satyeshwar Vinayak Shirke.
Satyeshwar in shock.

Balvant tells Kulkarni he got tender papers for new order. Kulkarni asks whats the matter call the officials we will impress them. Balvant says they are rich people and take lot of time we have to find some other way.

Banta suggests talking to Satyeshwar he has contacts. Balvant tells Kulkarni about Bhagyashree’s incident. Kulkarni says he has a great idea to trap Satyeshwar, he has found Satyeshwar’s past. Balvant reads the file and says wow this is amazing. Kulkarni says now he will dance on our command.

Baizmaa with families in Dwarka Mai and says keep faith Sai will fix everything. Bhagyashree walks in with Sai, her mother rushes to her and hugs her and apologies to her. Bhagyashree says I am sorry I misunderstood and apologies. Bhagyashree and her mother thanks Sai.

Sai looks at Champa and asks her to get a bedsheet and keeps on dirt and says now there is not dirt, Baizmaa says but there is still dirt. Sai advices Bhagyashree’s mother to have patience and keep faith. Bhagyashree’s mother says I understood my mistake and won’t rush. Bhagyashree says even I will work hard to secure my mother’s future. Sai tells others their families didn’t return.

Satyeshwar hiding reaches Dwarka Mai, Sai talking to Keval, Keval says he joined mill but his heart is stuck in architecture, Sai says your tjis effort will be very beneficial trust me. Keval thanks Sai and leaves.

Satyeshwar slowly walks in, Sai meditating opens his eyes and pushes Satyeshwar and lighting happens where he was standing. Satyeshwar asks how do you know this. Sai says welcome to Dwarka Mai come in, will you have sherbat.

Satyeshwar says answer me how do you know my name, and I am not doing anything wrong, Sai says then why be scared. Satyeshwar says I am not scared. Sai says then why are you here. Satyeshwar says really what fear. Sai says fear of your past.

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Mere Sai 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Satyeshwar asks Nima to send Prem Sena to force Keval join Prem Sena.Keval denies to join Prem Sena, the members force Keval.


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